8th District Watch – More Pressure on Joe Walsh to Step Down

Guess I should have watched Fox News last night.

Conspiratorialists might conclude that Fox News Chicago is out to get Joe Walsh, the Republican candidate in the 8th congressional district.

First a story about Walsh’s not having filed papers with the Federal Election Commission about personal financial information.

Now a story about staffers and volunteers quitting and urging Walsh to get out of the race.

Staffers and volunteers called Grayslake Police when they could not retrieve their personal property from Joe Walsh's Grayslake office. The police said it was a civil matter.

The story starts with Grayslake Police coming to the office when the staffers and volunteers couldn’t retrieve what they said were personal effects and equipment.

Civil matter, the police said.

Lake County GOP Chairman Bob Cook told Fox the Republican Party was behind Walsh.

Fox News reports Lake County GOP officials met for two hours. Newly-elected Chairman Bob Cook is interviewed and asked whether Walsh’s staying in the race will hurt the party’s chances to beat Melissa Bean. Cook replies that is up to the voters to decide.

Lake County Republican leaders did not support Walsh in the primary election.

John Karas, a volunteer for Joe Walsh, said Walsh should stay in the race.

A campaign volunteers said Walsh should not step down.

“How concerned is the Republican Party…?” the news reader Nancy Pender asks the reporter at the end of the story?

“Publicly, they are still sticking behind Joe Walsh, but privately I’m told they are very concerned. They pretty much fear thatif Joe Walsh stays in the race, there throwing it away and Melissa Bean will get re-elected,” reporter Craig Wall replied..

Below is the email from former staffers:

To all the volunteers and supporters,

We would like to thank you for all of your hard work, but would also like to apologize to you at the same time.

At 10:30 AM this morning a letter was sent to Joe Walsh from us asking him to step down and drop out of the race.

Richard Cape. who resigned from the Joe Walsh campaign, spoke to Fox News. He co-signs this letter.

We had been lied to and deceived enough by Joe.

We had to go public and announce our resignation from the campaign shortly following his choice to stay in the race.

We came to this conclusion after doing some intense investigations into the lies that Joe had told us since October.

Again we would like to apologize for unintentionally misleading supporters and voters throughout the primary process. If we would have known who the true Joe Walsh was, we never would have supported him.

Don’t make the same mistake we made.

Make sure you always question your candidate thoroughly.

If you still feel the need to support Joe. Make sure you ask him some important questions:

  • Ask about his drivers license and insurance (If it has ever been suspended)
  • Ask him about his taxes (If he owes the IRS)
  • Ask him about his questionable fundraising and accounting (If he ever bounced checks)
  • Ask him if he ever inflated his donations in his FEC filings to make himself appear to have more money then he actually raised.
  • Ask him if he ever handled a firearm in his life (Why he was anti-gun in his past races)
  • Ask him what his opinion is of Obama and then why he would hire an ex Obama intern to be his Press Secretary.
  • Ask him if he has ever been evicted from his residency.
  • Ask him if he has ever had any court judgements or leans against him.
  • Ask him where the $28,000 he loaned his campaign came from after only making $41,000 last year and $25,000 the year before. (And ask him about his taxes again)

These are just some of the questions that we asked him in October and his answer was “No, there is nothing like that in my background. It is all good.” So take our advice and ask him yourself personally.

Once again we apologize and don’t feel bad he fooled us too.


Richard Cape – Former Campaign Manager and Field Director
Ted Livengood – Former Field Director

Meanwhile, Walsh’s campaign sent out the following press release:

Walsh Invites Bean to Open Forum on Health Care

(Grayslake, IL)–Yesterday, Joe Walsh sent the following letter to Rep. Melissa Bean inviting her to a public townhall health care forum Tuesday, May 4, at the Barrington Park District Community Center, 235 Lions Dr., Barrington.

Walsh previously invited Rep. Bean to the townhall forum he hosted on April 8 in Wauconda and Rep. Bean declined to participate.


8th District Watch – More Pressure on Joe Walsh to Step Down — 3 Comments

  1. Joe, PLEASE hang in there! DO NOT drop out! In fact, if you could clone yourself and run in 10-15 more races that would be GREAT!

  2. @Joe says:

    Don’t worry. Walsh isn’t going anywhere. He would have to suffer a sudden bout of integrity to drop out of the race. I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

  3. If Mr. Cape was not happy with his client, why not just settle your dispute in a professional manner and just move on?

    Why STAGE a phony event designed to tear down a person, who apparently trusted you enough to hire you and PAY you for your services.

    Were you ever in the military…do you know the meaning of running out, just before the real battle begins?

    It sounds like someone wanted more money because the team had won a game, and felt HIS value had gone up and he had to be compensated market value. It sounds like someone had the attitude that “I made you…I can destroy you,” when they decided to call FOX News and send destructive emails out.

    Joe is extremely lucky these two characters are now out of his campaign. From what I hear, Republican and Tea Party organizations are telling these two characters to remove them from their contact lists and more. There are some real angry people, at these two, for STAGING THIS PHONY STUNT.

    Word on the street is that Republican and Tea Party organizations are telling these two characters to stay away from now on.

    STAGING A PHONY NEWS EVENT, for the sole purpose of tearing down a client, who was paying them for their services, is sheer stupidity and bad for business!

    Seems like the new Sheriff smoked out these two future bandits out, before they could do more damage. They can also kiss away whatever future political business they hoped to attain.

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