Lakewood Seeking Two New Trustees, Application Deadline Friday

Dorothy and John Pfeuffer resigned their seats on the village board as of May 1st because they sold their home and moved out of Lakewood.

Now Village President Erin Smith is sending out emails requesting those who would like to replace them to contact her. Act quickly, because Smith’s deadline is this Friday.

The email follows:

Dear Village of Lakewood Resident,

On Friday, April 30th, John and Dorothy Pfeuffer resigned as Trustees for the Village of Lakewood, following the sale of their home and relocation outside of the Village.  John and Dorothy have been dedicated public servants and I want to thank them for their service to the Village, both as Trustees and as liaisons for two of our resident committees.

The Village Board will act quickly to appoint two residents to fill the remaining year of John’s term and the next year of Dorothy’s term.

Erin Smith

Next year, a special election will be held for the last two years of Dorothy’s term.  Given that these two vacant positions represent 1/3 of our Board, two vacancies puts us at risk of not having the quorum required to hold meetings should other Trustees have a conflict.  Therefore, the timeframe for selecting the individuals to appoint to these terms will be accelerated.

Between now and Friday, I will be accepting written requests from residents who wish to be considered for these positions.  Each person interested will be required to send a written response, electronically, to the questions below:

1.       What is your full name, current address and length of time that you have resided in Lakewood?
2.       What are your reasons for being interested in serving on the Board of Trustees?
3.       What is your experience in local government?  Please list title, dates of service and a brief description of the role.  Please include all appointed and elected positions.
4.       What is your professional background?  You do not need to provide titles or dates of service, a high-level description of occupations/industries is fine.
5.       What other relevant experiences or training would you bring to the Board?
6.       What, if any, conflicts of interest will need to be considered?  For example, ownership of or employment with a company doing business with Lakewood needs to be disclosed as a matter of law.
7.       Do you have other responsibilities that prevent you from regularly attending both Board Meetings each month?

All requests for consideration should be sent to the following email address:

The deadline for receiving requests is 5:00 pm CDT on Friday, May 7th, without exception.

Following receipt of the requests, I will forward each request to the four remaining Trustees for consideration before our Board Meeting on May 11th.  At our Board Meeting on May 11th, we will meet in Executive Session to discuss the qualifications of each interested resident.   Following Executive Session, the appointments will be voted on by the Board, either immediately following Executive Session on May 11th or at our next Board Meeting on May 25th.

If you are interested in being considered for one of the Trustee positions and have any additional questions, please feel free to contact me at home:   815-356-8005


Erin Smith, President
Village of Lakewood

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