Independent Candidate for Judge Sally Wiggins Presenting Credentials to Libertarians May 13th in Crystal Lake

Independent candidate for judge Sally Wiggins

Sally Wiggins has announced her candidacy for the Circuit Court opening in McHenry county.

She, family and friends were gathering signatures at the Crystal Lake TEA Party demonstration April 15th, when she also spoke to those gathered.

She may benefit from those unhappy with the Special Prosecutor initiated by Dan Regna.

Now, she is making a pitch to McHenry County Libertarians the middle of the month.

Here’s the invitation:

“McHenry County Libertarian Party invites you to come hear Attorney Sally (Oeffling) Wiggins, an ‘Independent Candidate’ for Circuit Court Judge for McHenry County.

“She will be speaking at our next meeting on May 13 at 7 PM @ Colonial Cafe   6000 Northwest Hwy # 49 Crystal Lake, IL 60014-8062.

“Come and hear Sally, ask your questions and learn why she should be your choice on election day.”

Associate Judge Gordon Graham is the Republican Party’s nominee.


Independent Candidate for Judge Sally Wiggins Presenting Credentials to Libertarians May 13th in Crystal Lake — 11 Comments

  1. Anytime that the tea party can be organized enough to tell the public which party they prefer, Libertarian or Republican, that would be fine by me.

    Of course, that is assuming the “tea party” can actually organize something other than rallies that are heavy on complaining and requests for birth certificates…

  2. Apologies Cal, but I think she has more credibility being on the ballot as an independent versus being Libertarian. Having said, I love to vote against sitting judges and will follow Judge Wiggins’ campaign.

  3. Paul,
    She is still running as an independent. She is getting signatures and reaching out. As an independent she needs and excess of 4,200 signatures to get on the ballot. Graham only needed about 1,000.
    Call her and sign it.

  4. Cal, “forgets” to mention that a special prosecutor petition was also filed by Amy Dalby (Lou Bianchi’s secretary). The Court (Associate Judge Gordon Graham) ruled on the combined petitions of Regna and Dalby, appointed a retired judge as special prosecutor and now the proscecution is presenting evidence before a special grand jury. Ultimately it is the grand jury which will decide if a felony indictment will be issued against Louis Bianchi. Many speculate that Lou’s right hand man, Ron Salgado (or others in his rapidly decreasing circle) has put Sally Wiggins up to running against Judge Graham as pay back for his order of appointment of a special prosecutor. Personally, I must say it is odd to suggest that Ms. Wiggins is an “independant” when she is repeatedly seen at partisan events (ie. Tea Party events, Democratic Party fund raisers, and Libertarian meetings). “Independant” is a nice cover anyhow. Maybe if someone is going to the upcoming May 13th meeting they can ask Ms. Wiggins if any of this conjecture is true. Sometimes the truth is more fanciful than fiction.

  5. Greetings Everyone –

    I read your posts with interest and indeed with a smile on my face.

    First, your dialogue shows an interest is growing among McHenry County Voters to explore who is even running for “Judge.” You are refusing to accept the status quo – and that is all good.

    Yes folks – this is Sally Oeffling Wiggins Independent Candidate seeking to collect signatures to be on the ballot for the Additional 22d Judgeship on November 2, 2010 as an Independent Candidate.

    Yes, I went to the Tea Party event to collect signatures. Yes, I went to an event for the Democrats to collect signatures and Yes, I am going to address the Libertarian group on Thursday at Colonial Cafe. Why? Because they invited me and each had registered voters who wanted to know more about me. And to date, many in attendence are in fact signing.

    As an Independent for Judge, I need 4200 “good” signatures – the other candidate needed 500 – I go where there are McHenry County registered voters and where I am invited. I would gladly speak at a Republican event, but to date last I checked they have not called me. I will gladly address other groups where there are registered voters, my contact information is on my website.

    I have likewise been seen around McHenry County at other places where I continue to hit the train stations, little league games, the parks, and anywhere else that registered voters are interested in listening to the idea of an Independent Candidate and having a choice this November.

    Finally, the decision to run for Judge was/is all mine (check my twitter back in 2009) and the decision to run as an Independent again – was/is all mine.

    Best Regards,
    Sally Oeffling Wiggins
    Independent Candidate McHenry County Judge

  6. AllanKay is right. Truth is more fanciful than fiction. I found it weird during this primary season that everywhere I saw a Graham sign, I saw a Nygren sign. I seem to remember seeing pictures of Regna and Nygren together in his offfice, campaigning.

    So as long as AllanKay is connecting the dots and implicating others let’s add some more “truth”. Dalby stole 5000 documents, gave it to the Regna’s campaign, two of Nygren’s deputies helped transport the stolen documents and then destroyed (I mean lost) the documents before Illinois State Police could take it into evidence.

    Who do you suppose put Regna up to running?

    And as far as Bianchi’s rapidly shrinking circle, none of Lou’s friends have jumped in front of a train lately.


    Thanks Ron for giving us a great alternative! Even though I believe AllanKay is full of it.

  7. I’m in for Sally. I think a judge should be independent.

    Best of Luck.

    I’ll be voting for you.

  8. Sally posted her own response, even better. She has balls too? Can’t wait to vote for her!!


  9. It’s true that none of Lou’s friends have jumped in front of a train lately, but they certainly have left for greener pastures (or should I say, warmer, downstate counties). As for the theft of 5000 documents by Lou Bianchi’s former secretary, Amy Dalby: many of the very same documents (available for inspection after being posted by the Daily Herald) were proof positive that the young lady did political work for her boss during office hours on the county dime. I know, I know Serpico will cry its all a set up. But in all reality, if she was going to set Lou up, why steal the documents as proof in the first place? Why not just make the entire thing up? That’s because she didn’t make it up, and the documents are authentic, which of course, lead to her pleading to a reduced charge. Ultimately, the special grand jury will decide Lou’s fate, the voters will decide Nygren’s and Ms. Wiggin’s (if she can get enough signatures to get on the ballot). And Judge Graham will still be a Judge when all’s said and done, either Circuit or Associate. Very little really changes here in beautiful McHenry County.

  10. Sally is not running as a Libertarian but only speaking to them. This event was open to the public as per the invitation to all civi and political groups in McHenry. And just FYI Tea Party people boycoted the event. Follow thru is an issue for them.

    Back to Sally, If you needed 4,000 signatures in 90 days JUST TO GET ON THE BALLOT (4 times as much as Judge Graham) wouldn’t you see and talk to everyone you could? Alan failed to mention all the other places and events she’s been to or plan on being at.

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