Sgns saying, "NO METRA," have popped up in yards near the proposed Ridgefield Metra Station, which is located north of these signs. Click to enlarge.

Unless former Metra Executive Director Phil Pagano drove east on Hillside Road before committing suicide on the East Hillside Road tracks, he wouldn’t have seen the signs in opposition to one of his last significant decisions.

After giving Craig Steagall every reason to believe his and his partner’s land on the west side of the tracks in Ridgefield was the preferred location, Pagano came down on the side of land half-owned by McHenry County Board Chairman Ken Koehler.

The "NO METRA" sign

Now yard signs are posted throughout Ridgefield and as far east as Oak Street on Hillside Road proclaiming,


I wonder what Pagano would have thought of them.


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  1. Ridgefield is in McHenry County District 3. Ken Koehler is from District 2, and has no opposition there to re-election to the county board. Barring a miracle, he’s back in November.

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