Northwest Herald Calling

Here's the pitch for the Northwest Herald made at the 2009 Crystal Lake Chamber of Commerce Business Expo at South High School. Less than a penny a day, a deal I did not pass up. Click to enlarge.

It hasn’t been that long ago that a solicitor for the Northwest Herald called.

When I discovered that the price was more than the less than a penny a paper for six months that I found at the Crystal Lake Business Expo in 2009, I subscribed. My six-month subscription lasted until October or November.

The price was a dollar for six months.

So, what’s the price now?

The pleasant young man said $2.50 a week.

That’s for the first ten weeks.

When I was able to resist, he asked if I would be interested in $1.60 for Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

“There’s more news during the week,” I pointed out.

He countered with how fat the Sunday paper is.

“But, it mainly ads,” I replied.

The Audit Bureau of Circulation recently released circulation figures for all its newspaper subscribers.

For some reason, the Northwest Herald did not share them with its readers.

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