Illegal Aliens Compose 75% of All Kids Taxpayer Subsidized Health Care Program

The Daily Herald style book can’t bring itself to use the words “illegal aliens,” but John Patterson’s story about the Illinois Auditor General’s study of Rod Blagojevich’s All Kids taxpayer-subsidized health care program says 75% of 71,665 children on the program were “ undocumented immigrants.”

$55 million.

All from state tax dollars, because Federal Medicaid will only match state money 50-50 when they are in the country legally.

Some doctors figured out they would not get paid.

Since all Illinois children needing assistance were already covered by the Governor Jim Edgar-initiated Kids Care, it was obvious from the git-go that Blagojevich and the Democrats were just trying to gain political support from people they hoped would be future citizens…if amnesty were again enacted by Congress.

As time went on, it became more important to doctors.

Meanwhile, the program has made Illinois a magnet for illegal aliens wanting health taxpayer-funded health care for their children.

It’s evidence of what the Daily Herald reported two years ago.

More information here.

You can find the summary of the Auditor General’s report here.


Illegal Aliens Compose 75% of All Kids Taxpayer Subsidized Health Care Program — 4 Comments

  1. Thank you for providing the Auditor General’s report, I suggest you read it. It clearly states that the incorrect classification of DOCUMENTED immigrant children as undocumented skewed the data. The report goes on to give examples where 9 out of 48 undocumented immigrants were incorrectly classified.

    “This is less than the FY09 total of 94,525 enrollees since
    children are added and removed from the program throughout the year.
    Digest Exhibit 1 shows that of the 71,665 enrollees as of June 30, 2009, 75
    percent were classified as undocumented immigrants in data provided by
    HFS. However, due to HFS incorrectly categorizing some documented
    immigrants as undocumented immigrants, the number of undocumented
    immigrants, as well as the costs associated with them are overstated in data provided by HFS. Additionally, the number of documented immigrants, as well as the costs associated with them, are similarly understated. Auditors recommended that HFS accurately classify documented and undocumented immigrants. By not correctly classifying them, not only is HFS reporting incorrect data, it is also losing out on federal matching funds it could bereceiving for documented immigrants.”

  2. In response to Not a Grafton Resident I say….the main point is the atrocity in the fact that ANY undocumented immigrants (ergo ILLEGAL to begin with) can avail themselves of ANY tax payer supported programs, aid, assistance, or help. Simply put, if they are here illegally (as opposed to the watered down feel-good term undocumented), they are here illegally and do not belong here in the first place.

  3. The Chicago Tribune editorial on Monday, May 17th, reported the following:

    “Among other wastes, the state keeps paying medical claims when families stop paying premiums — and even pays some claims for recipients who rre too old for the program.

    “And while 70% of the costs provide for illegal immigrant children, the state bungled the collection of federal matching money by mistakenly classifying some legal immigrants as undocumented.”

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