Politicians Who Can’t Say, “No”… or “Yes”

I spent another tiring day in Judge Michael T. Caldwell’s McHenry County courtroom today watching (more listening to) more witnesses in the Grafton Township separation of powers trial.

I didn’t have time to write anything about last Thursday’s morning session. Not like the blow-by-blow I wrote about Wednesday’s hearing. Getting ready to head off to Springfield for a long (rainy) weekend took my time.

Linda Moore

I’ve been reflecting on what Linda Moore said and how she said it and the judge’s reaction to that when Ancel Glink litigator Thomas G. DiCianni asked him to direct Moore to answer his questions more directly than she had.

After about an hour of questions last Thursday during which Moore was not giving “Yes” or “No” answers, DiCianni asked the judge to direct Moore to answer his questions.

Caldwell, visibly disturbed, observed,

“She hasn’t answered a question directly since cross examination began.”

After that admonition, Moore became less loquacious.

Pam Fender

Today, Huntley Village Trustee Pam Fender was on the stand talking about that job and her new one as Grafton Township Administrator.

“This is so childish,” Fender added to an answer to what happened between her and Moore after the end of March court hearing that put Moore back in her old offices.

“This is the third time this has happened. Do not make any statements of opinion,”

the judge admonished.

Rob LaPorta

The third politician to receive harsh words from the judge was Township Trustee Rob LaPorta.

“Mr. LaPorta. Simply answer the question and stop the verbal jousting, the back and forth,”

the judge said.

So, politicians on both sides of the Grafton Township political fence appear to have a similar problem.

Each wants to explain her or his position, whether the question calls for such an explanation or not.

Perhaps that is a function of being a politician.


Politicians Who Can’t Say, “No”… or “Yes” — 7 Comments

  1. They all deserve each other. Problem is the people of Grafton Township deserve better.

  2. I wouldn’t call what the judge said hash seems you’re embellishing Cal.
    How about a little more detail on how Moore refused bus service to that gentle man in need? He was pretty clear on the stand how rude she was to him and the nerve of her rescheduling his appointment. Moore really cares. A soup for the people (choke choke) 🙂

  3. I wasn’t aware that the Township was supposed to run a taxi service (bus) that satisfied everyone’s instantaneous or even advance notice wants/needs.

    And just think, some of the people who call in are rude. This is the real world, not Fantasyland.

    As far as “harsh” – it was spread to cover three not just the chosen ones, Cal’s being fair, too bad those with a singular agenda can’t figure that out.

  4. Cal’s being fair?! ROFLMAO. Cal will be fair the day he pays back his hefty pension to Illinois taxpayers!

    Next thing you’ll say is that he’s unbiased and only reports the facts!

  5. D & A,

    So you don’t think it’s an appropriate use of Township funds to provide a bus for seniors/disabled residents?

  6. Tweedldee, you are really something? Deny bus service to people who have paid taxes a lifetime and now need help getting around. It’s the townships job to run the bus and I think its should serve the tax payers not Moore.

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