All Aboard!

Although it was not the first to pass a resolution asking for Amtrak service to a station in McHenry County, the McHenry County Board last night did so last night.

Governor Pat Quinn announced the route March 29th.

The state capitol wouldn't be the only place with railroad crossings blocked by Amtrak trains if the McHenry County Board gets its wish for Amtrak service in Huntley or Marengo.

Three weeks later 16th District Congressman Donald Manzullo sent out a press release supporting a stop in McHenry County. And two weeks ago, he announced endorsements of the idea from elsewhere.

The county board’s resolution is a bit unrealistic in that it asks for stops in both Huntley and Marengo, but the message is clear:

If Amtrak trains go through McHenry County, McHenry County Board members want their constituents to be able to climb aboard.

The problem is that neither town has a train station and Amtrak will not build them.

There is a little station in Union at the Illinois Railroad Museum.

Plenty of long-term parking could be available for a reasonable price. Union was not mentioned in the resolution. And those in charge of the museum so far have shown no interest in being an Amtrak stop.


All Aboard! — 3 Comments

  1. Personally I think it would be a great option. Lets face it a large part of this community already commutes whatever distance to work via the Metra. If we were able to secure alternative travel for other locations I think a lot of people would at least consider it. I know I would.

  2. When I want to go to Chicago, I take Metra. If I ever had a desire to go to Iowa from McHenry County – I would drive. I don’t see a need for McHenry Co. to Iowa traveling.

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