Want to Help Elect Republican House Members This Fall?

Al Jourdan

Mike Tryon

There is a $125 fund raiser on June 29th at Rocks Bar & Grill, located across from1776.

State Rep. Mike Tryon is sponsoring it.

Co-Hosts are former Illinois and McHenry County Republican Party Chairman Al Jourdan and Engineer John Smith.

Cocktails and appetizers at 5; dinner at 6.

House Minority Leader Tom Cross and former U.S. House Speaker Dennis Hastert will be in attendance.  Hastert is the longest serving Republican House Speaker in American history.


Want to Help Elect Republican House Members This Fall? — 5 Comments

  1. $125 to sit with and shmooz with a bunch of RINOS….If I had $125 I’d sit up and watch it all night instead.

  2. Al Jourdan and Mike Tryon: Two reasons why good and transparent government are not coming to McHenry County any time soon. Forget the RINO/DINO stuff, I’m not a party line guy, not anymore. Give me people who will do the right thing.

  3. People that would “Do the right thing,” wouldn’t want to put up with the above. The “Tea Partiers” will have a big say in the coming election. Please support their candidates. They will do the right thing.

  4. You two are both out of your minds, Mike Tryon sponsored the only transparency bill that got through the house in 2009. Mike has dedicated his life to the service of our community and has represented us extremely well. RINO? Hardly, he’s hard line social and fiscal conservative and votes the district every time. And Al Jourdan isn’t elected, blaming him for your dissatisfaction is like blaming your customers for how screwed up your company is, it’s nonsense. Al raises money for candidates, period.

    Let’s talk about nonsense for a minute, nonsense is Bob Kamfe who can’t speak on or off camera for 2 minutes to save his life. The last you tube video I saw of him, he spent the entire time bashing Mike tryon on environmental issues, saying Tryon ought to be more in-tuned to alternative forms of energy, earth to Kamfe, Tryon has a degree in Environmental Science, and owns a company dedicated to it. Mike’s more qualified up and down the issues than Bob is delivering mail.

    So let’s quit squabbling about talking points and realize that Mike has even represented you two well over the last couple terms. Good day.

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