Seipler Suit Against Nygren Political Activity Not Dismissed

Zane Seipler

Keith Nygren

The suit against McHenry County Sheriff Keith Nygren by his primary opponent Zane Seipler for using the office for political purposes could have been dismissed this morning by Judge Thomas Meyer.

But it wasn’t.

On Monday, Seipler had received a “Petition to Intervene” and a “Motion to Dismiss” on behalf of Nygren from McHenry County Assistant State’s Attorney Donald Leist.

Seipler, representing himself in his effort to have a special prosecutor named, withstood the dismissal efforts of Leist.

Judge Meyer said that he had not received any documents from Leist, so Seipler asked if he wanted a copy.  Meyer declined the offer, saying he expected Leist to provide the document immediately.

The judge seemed surprised that motions Seipler discussed had not been given to him before Monday.

Two weeks from now briefs have been requested by the judge outlining each side’s reasons why the case should be dismissed or proceed.

Seipler is asking for financial assistance totaling $10,000 in order to hire attorney Blake Horwitz. Seipler may be contacted at 847-561-1180.

Sheriff Nygren and his new Undersheriff Andy Zinke were in the courtroom.

The next court date in June 16th.

In unrelated action, the special prosecutor investigating whether McHenry County State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi used his office for political activity has not made a report.


Seipler Suit Against Nygren Political Activity Not Dismissed — 4 Comments

  1. Thank you Zane Seipler!! People having been complaining about Nygren for years. With you we have someone with the courage to stand up to this man.

  2. One would reasonably think that Mr. Leist would have filed his motions with the Court before giving copies to Zane. Thanks to Mr. Leist for handling it as he did.

    Nice to know that the Sheriff could make time in his busy schedule to be in court, but why did he drag along Undersheriff Zinke?

    By the way, were the Sheriff and the Undersheriff armed in the courtroom or did they lock up their weapons before entering the courtroom?

  3. Gus, are you still ranting and raving over this? Funny, you claim to be in favor of concealed carry, but whine non-stop over sworn law enforcement who legally have the right to carry-to do so in court….Zane’s routine is nothing short of exhausting. His constant belly aching over contrived and imagined misdeeds (none of which have been sustained or substantiated) are what kept him out of the election for Sheriff.

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