Immigrant Rights Folks Marching to Woodstock

This day room of the McHenry County Jail is empty as detainees are locked down during shift change.

Those opposed to the new Arizona law are marching to Woodstock to demonstrate at the McHenry County Jail.

It’s taking them three days to walk the fifty-some miles.

The Chicago Tribune says they are planning to spend the night in Cary.

Crystal Lake’s Maggie Rivera is quoted in the article.

On its web site, the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights explain the “Pilgrimage of Hope.”

The explanation cites,

“Elena Galarza of Harvard, Illinois t(telling) a story of a friend, a single mom from Harvard, who was pulled over for allegedly crossing the yellow line while driving after picking up her five-year old daughter from the babysitter. Police put the woman in detention for over a week without regard to her child.””‘America says it cherishes family values, but this law tears families apart.’ said Galarza. ‘People are here working, following the law, and being good parents, but are afraid that if they so much as run out of gas, they will be arrested and put into deportation proceedings.'”

Listed as participating organizations in McHenry County are

  • St. Mary’s Church in Woodstock,
  • Dean Street Unitarian Church of Woodstock, and
  • St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in Harvard.

An itinerary is referenced, but I’m not a Facebooker .

I wonder if the demonstrators have read this article published in the Chicago Tribune April 13, 2010.  It’s entitled,

Police to check suspects’ names in immigrant database
Lake, McHenry and Will counties join initiative to cross-check suspects’ names in Homeland Security files

If so, they might be more disturbed and worry about getting arrested in McHenry County.  Or maybe its contents are the reasons they are marching.

The article says McHenry County Sheriff Keith Nygren is going to have his deputies start checking the names of those arrested with suspects’ names in Department of Homeland Security files.

This will result in everyone booked being checked to see if they have immigration violations, regardless of the charge, including traffic stops.

Not exactly what Arizona is proposing to do, but pretty much what Ohio Sheriff Dan Beck told Midwest Minutemen at his McHenry County College appearance.

Articles on the general subject that you might find of interest follow:

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In 2007, Lake County Sheriff Mark Curran got a lot of press for seeking Immigration and Customs Enforcement certification to deport illegal alien criminals after they have served their sentence.


Immigrant Rights Folks Marching to Woodstock — 3 Comments

  1. WHAT someone did wrong is NOT the issue-that they got checked out by police is NOT the issue- that they are illegal IS is the issue. What part of ILLEGAL is not understood?

  2. Have any of the enablers of illegals read the AZ law. It’s only 10 pages and MIRRORS the Federal law. I totally agree with AZ SUPPORTER. What part don’t they understand?

    It’s really a shame that the Feds choose to allow illegals to enter this country just for the sake of FUTURE VOTES.

    “IMMIGRANTS,” my aunt fanny.

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