Linda Moore Subpoenaed in Appeal of General Assistance Denial

It was supposed to be on the morning of the second day of the Grafton Township separation of powers trial last week.

8 AM.

The subpoena from McHenry County Board Chairman and Chairman of something called the McHenry County Public Aid Committee Ken Koehler.

Linda Moore

Delivered just the night before the Tuesday trial date, the subpoena “commanded” Linda Moore to

“bring the Complainant’s (name withheld) case file including any and all individualized documents or notices generated or received with regard to the applicant, the original application, all correspondence, referrals, and written notations to the McHenry County Public Aid Committee.”

The Wednesday meeting was scheduled in Koehler’s office, but Moore told me the meeting was canceled because the client withdrew her appeal.

Besides Koehler, all the other committee members are township supervisors. They are Preston Rea, Roger Naylor, Donna Schaefer, Diane Klemm and Bob Pierce

The day after the subpoena was delivered, Township Administrator Pam Fender was questioned about posting on Huntley Neighbors apparently about the woman in question. Fender insisted she did not violate confidentiality rules.


Linda Moore Subpoenaed in Appeal of General Assistance Denial — 7 Comments

  1. What kind of joke is the McHenry County Public Aid Committee (Koehler, Rea, Naylor, Schaefer, Klemm, Pierce) playing, to issue a subpoena and require an almost immediate appearance? If it was delivered Monday night and Moore was to collect documents and show up Wednesday morning, somebody’s head is screwed on backwards.

    When was the subpoena issued? Released for delivery? Given to (whom? a sheriff’s deputy?) for delivery? Why delivered at night, instead of during daytime, office hours?

    And then on Tuesday in court Fender was grilled about outing a public assistance request? Unless Public Assistance Requests are posted on the door at Grafton Township, they should be confidential. Why was Fender even aware of a public assistance request? She isn’t the Supervisor.

  2. Gee, Gus, how would Pam Fender know about a public assistance request? The two people who know about it are Linda Moore, and the individual making the request. Given the state of the relationship between Linda and Pam, I really doubt Linda told her about it. How could Pam have possibly found out?

    Maybe, just maybe, when the woman was denied assistance, she turned to Pam for help? Or are you saying that the woman isn’t allowed to discuss her personal business with anyone other that Linda?

  3. Statute requires all communications regarding GA are confidential. Fender had no authority to speak with GA client.

  4. What if the GA client spoke to Pam Fender and it was not in a professional capacity? As Jack pointed out, “are you saying that the woman isn’t allowed to discuss her personal business with anyone other than Linda”? Really?

  5. I believe that you may be assuming that PF approached the GA client when the interaction may have be instigated by the client themself.

  6. So Linda will be tried by a jury of her peers who also administer general and emergency assistance. Interesting. From observing the court case, it looks like Linda is sinking fast. One question. Was this posting about Linda or was it about Pam? Spin, spin, spin Cal.

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