Grafton Township Ancel Glink $40,000 in Legal Bills for April Higher than March’s $36,400

In March, Ancel Glink billed Grafton Township $36,432.

Think that’s high?

In April, the bill was for $39,994.88.

Here's an April photo of the Grafton Township Board and Ancel Glink Partner Keri-Lyn Krafthefer. Savor the photo because under the newly-imposed rules photos can only be taken from the back of the room. It will be difficult to see Trustee Gerry McMahon's face because he tends to sit with his back to the audience, as he is here.

There was $5,226.25 to advise on “Corporate” matters.

Another $28,373.75 to prepare for the separate of powers suit filed by Supervisor Linda Moore. Most court days have been in May.

$138.75 was billed because of the winding down of the Dan Ziller, Jr., et al, case against the unlawful approval of a new township hall on Haligus Road in Lake in the Hills.

Voters kept coming and coming and coming until ovdr 700 had signed in. Those who could not obtain one of the 700 ballots stood along the side of the room "just in case of a close vote." There were no close votes. Two Ancel Glink attorneys attended.

And, there’s another $4,208.50 for the April 13th Annual Town Meeting.

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Grafton Township Ancel Glink $40,000 in Legal Bills for April Higher than March’s $36,400 — 26 Comments

  1. The trustees must feel if you won’t let us build a building we will spend $3.5 million another way. Either way they are determined to waste your money.I still think when they go to a meeting they ride in a Volkswagen beetle and wear oversized shoes and rubber noses.

  2. Duh!!! You dopes will pay one way or the other Hahahahahhahahaha.

  3. And of course none of this was caused by Linda Moore right? Only the Trustees are guilty of wasting the taxpayers money?

  4. Legal fees close to one hundred thousand dollars and sure to go higher. Thanks Linda and Tom and Tammy and Dan!

  5. Thank the guy from Sun cITY and the other trustees and their hired hand for not doing anything but hiring lawyers. Thank you Linda Moore, we still will save when this is all over about $3 million dollars. W

  6. Thank the guy from Sun City and the other trustees and their hired hand for not doing anything but hiring lawyers. Thank you Linda Moore, we still will save when this is all over about $3.3 million dollars not counting the interest on the loan. Will the trustees be going to a summer picnic with Ancil Glink. Actually Ancil Glink should send them all on an all expenses paid vacation for sending so much business their way.

  7. You guys got it wrong . . . thank Linda and those that voted for her. What is Linda’s agenda anyway? Sue everybody then complain about the legal fees? Now we will have to pay for Linda’s lawyer. Thanks Linda, you are costing us a fortune.

  8. How many times ya gonna post the “sa sa same thing” Cadmans the real Clown 🙂 We are laughing at you not with you.

  9. What was the Grafton Township annual budget for legal services for the year? What’s the Fiscal Year total to-date for legal fees? Are those elected people willing to bankrupt Grafton Township? At the current rate, legal fees will exceed $400,000 for the year, won’t they? Sounds to me like the electors ought to call an emergency meeting and take control of the Township.

  10. Gus – Rather than have an emergency meeting to “take control of the township” it would be a whole lot easier (and I bet less expensive) if Linda Moore simply resigned. This is what happens when a clueless person without a real platform mistakenly gets elected. Linda admitted under oath to swiping the financial records of the township. Linda had no problem letting the taxpayer paid investigators go on a wild goose chase for several months trying to solve the crime. Moore taxpayer money wasted on Linda’s part. Linda should have already resigned.

  11. I think an emegency meeting wouldn’t be legal and would have to be contested in court Doh!!!!

  12. I wish you people wold get your facts straight before you start running your mouth. It’s not Linda, Linda, Linda, it’s Rossi, Rossi, Rossi and his little puppets. AKA- the three previous ( current) trustees and the one elected who doesn’t have a clue to what a township is and how it runs. If Rossi had brought this whole building issue before the electors to vote on, none of this would be happening. Because the majority of the residents of Grafton would have voted it down. Look at the over whelming attendance at this years meeting . The voters are sick and tired of whats going on. The trustees could care less of how much money they are spending on lawyers. They are the ones who appealed the first injunction, not once but twice. I believe they are responsible for 3/4 of the attorney fees. Because you know what, THEY DON’T WANT TO BE TOLD NO. It’s not Linda ,It’s the trustees.

  13. T, And it’s the trustees who are refusing to pay bills, which will cause the Township to go into collections and no doubt cause more legal fees right? I wish that we could all look through your rose-colored glasses.

    To be honest, most people who do not support Linda that I know also believe that the Trustees have been out of line at times as well but by far Linda is causing more trouble then she is doing work. What has she done beyond the building? The problem is that no one will stop talking about the building and talk about the everyday running of the township. Who knows what is financially going on in the Township? NO ONE but Linda because, as she admitted in court, she has removed the financials from the computers and takes all the financial records home. NO ONE KNOWS WHERE THE TOWNSHIP TAXES HAVE GONE! When will Linda supporters admit that it is not acceptable to do that?

  14. Not a grafton resident- You just don’t get it. The building is what has caused all this problems. It would have been nice if the trustees would have been willing to work with Linda as the new supervisor, but did they, NO. They have been against her from the very beginning. Sure Linda has made some mistakes but not to the degree of the trustees. They are the ones responsible for the enormous attorney fees. I don’t see how you can dispute that. The supervisor is RESPONSIBLE for the finanicials of the township.
    ALL THE TOWNSHIPS TAXES SEEM TO BE GOING TO THE ATTORNEY, MAY’S BILL AT THIS RATE WILL BE WELL INTO THE $40,000.00 RANGE. Linda is paying the bills that have legally been contracted with the township.
    The budget hearing on Thursday should be very interesting. I WONDER IF WE ARE STARTING THE FISCAL YEAR IN THE HOLE.

  15. But Linda IS NOT PAYING bills. Maybe you should look at First Electric Newspaper for the article. She is sending letters, not paying! If you know that she is paying bills, maybe you should approach FEN and clarify that situation.

    Responsible is no word to use to describe Linda Moore. She is the farthest thing from responsible I have ever seen.

    I would highly doubt that the budget meeting will go well. Linda Moore has a history of not having financial information available to the public or the trustees.

    Btw, I’m a smart person and I get the point. She stopped the building, there’s been bad blood between her and the trustees from the start but there are people who need assistance from the Township who are not gettting it. The Township is suffering.

  16. t lueth – Aren’t you, along with Linda Moore, responsible for the law suit against the township and it’s trustees (I know Linda removed her name from the suit when she was elected)? I find it ironic that YOU sue the township then COMPLAIN about the legal fees. You brought these fees on yourself. Does Linda work with others? What is the status of Moore Turf Care? Does Linda get along with members of her family? I know these questions are not specifically relevant to this current issue, yet the answers to those questions speak volumes and do reflect on a person’s ability.

  17. When a group of Grafton residents sued the township board for the unlawful act ( not going to the electors to have us vote on purchasing, selling, or leasing property), these people used THEIR own money, not the taxpayers. Once again the people responsible for the legal fees begin with Rossi and continue with the trustees. I’m not even going to respond to her past work or her family, What do you want to do dig into everyones background. You said it, it’s irrelevant to the current issues.

  18. Those of you who hide behind a fictitious names talk BIG. Maybe you would like to debate some of the issue. Let yourself be known

  19. Go run your BIG MOUTH somewhere ele’s . we arn’t buying it here!
    You caused the problem with your law suit. the super enjoys fighting with the trustee’s and loves being court. You tax credit farmers are a relic of the past the township isn’t yours anymore. Actually the farmers are long gone and were are left dealing with there half-witted off spring.

  20. You don’t what to debate the facts, you just want to throw mud and personal attacks. It’s hard to do a battle of wits with an unarmed man/woman. Again, gets your facts straight. If you think I’m a farmer then you really don’t know who I am.

  21. Pa Pa Papa, yous builded this township with your one good arm wasn’t your fault the other got caught in the combine. I’s wont lets those outta towner trustee’s ruin whats u builded fer us. I use every dime the goverment giveses to me to fight the evil dodders. I stands up at every meet’n I can and makes an ass of myself and will continus to do so. this township wills remain backwards I promises yous that pa pa papa.

  22. I’m done replying to a person who shows how stupid he really is. Have a good day because I know I will

  23. t lueth – I don’t think Linda Moore’s background is irrelevant to her actions. It does show a pattern. You said the trustee’s refuse to work with Linda Moore. I beg to differ. You and your associates, as well as those that voted for Linda are responsible for the huge legal fees. How can you justify Linda stealing the financial records, not owning up to it, then letting various agencies rack up time going on a wild goose chase. How can a new budget be worked on when there is no record (or audited record) of the current financials? Can we look forward to moore lawsuits from your group?

  24. Tammy (and her fellow lemmings): your shortsighted thinking is sad and laughable at the same time. For all your crying about the new building, you fail to recognize that the undoing of the sale has put this township on the brink of bankruptcy. Using unaudited numbers supplied at the general meeting, my rough math figures show that the township will have approximately $20000-25000 left after the building is sold, all lawyers and vendors get paid. That excludes salaries and benefits, including Linda’s lavish wages. Where will the additional money come from? The Moore tax increase. That’s why the assessor has been hanging around our community the last three weeks – warming up the collections plate. And for this, we (those who live without farm subsidies) thank you. Get a clue, then meekly go away.

  25. I’s a masterbebater how dares you calls me stupid. I’ve hears somes of your speak’n skillz dumpling your not the shinest pumkin in the patch as pa pa papa use to say.

    I’s can remember when pa pa papa drived his tractor to Springfield to shows what good things we growed in grafton and talk on what nice a palce it was and how we needs us some of those springfield tax dollars at home. Before pa pa papa got kicked in the head by the plow mule he had the gift for debate just like you T

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