DuPage County Board Salary Freeze Puts Pressure on McHenry County Board

Here's a phoot of all the county board members, but Chairman Ken Koehler. It was taken in early December 2008, the day the county board elected officers.

There’s a movement on the McHenry County Board to freeze their own, plus countywide officials’ salaries.

And a counter-movement to raise the salaries of the McHenry County Clerk, Treasurer and Sheriff.

There’s politics involved, of course,

Those voting for such a freeze have a campaign dot point.
Challenger Nick Provenzano used the issue to good effect in his primary election for county board.  He ran first in the District 3 county board primary.

Now some of those with a vote on the matter are picking up the issue.

Yesterday, the DuPage County Board took similar action.

That will increase the pressure on McHenry County Board members to follow suit.

I understand there has been some push back from elected officials who are none too pleased with missing out on a raise next year.

If the “Raise my salary!” folks get their way, they will be handing a marvelous issue to the Democrats and newly elected Democratic Party Central Committee Chairman Mike Bissett is just the man to know how to make hay out of it.

On the County Board’s Human Resources Committee, everyone is agreed on a freeze.

Ed Dvorak made motion a motion to approve salary freezes for the Treasurer, Clerk and Sheriff. It was seconded by Paula Yensen. All members present voted, “Aye.”

Besides Dvorak and Yensen, the “Yes” votes were Ersel Schuster, Sue Draffkorn and Sandy Salgado.

In the motion on freezing their own salaries, all voted in favor. Schuster made that motion, while Yensen seconded it.

The Finance Committee also got a crack at the resolutions.

For the countywide officials, Scott Breeden, Mary Donner and Marc Munaretto voted against the freeze, while John Hammerand, Tina Hill and Dan Ryan voted for the salary freeze.


Tie votes fail.

On going without a raise for themselves, everyone present voted in favor.

The County Board vote tally should be interesting.

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