Employment and Financial Info Sought by County Officials

We’ve been looking at the question on the survey mailed to 8,000 households by the McHenry County Health Department.

Previously, we’ve looked at those questions seeking information on

Today, take a look at what is asked about employment and personal finance.

In the employment section, I find it strange that information is not sought about those in retirement.


40. Where is your primary work location? (Mark only one)

(1) In McHenry County
(2) Out of McHenry County
(3) I don’t currently work

41-48. For each statement, check whether “yes” or “no” best describes your current employment
situation. Do NOT answer if you are not employed or retired.

I wonder if this farmer feels his job is secure.

41. I feel secure in my job, that I will have this or a similar job available.
42. I need further training or education to improve or advance in my job.
43. I need retraining to find a new job.
44. I am driving too far to my job.
45. I would ride the train to work if the stations were convenient and accessible.
46. I would ride a bus to work if stops were convenient and accessible.
47. I would ride my bike to work if there was a connecting path to my employer.
48. I work at multiple sites.

I don’t see a question about carpooling.


49-57. Many households face difficult financial problems. Please mark each situation which you or someone in your home have experienced during the past year.

49. Identity theft
50. Needed legal help but could not afford
51. Bankruptcy filed
52. Foreclosure of home
53. Lack of money for basic needs
54. Experienced an involuntary job loss
55. No job for 30 days or more
56. Became divorced, separated or widowed
57. Other (write in)

The county folks want a lot more information than the Census people.

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