Dive Bombing for Gypsy Moths

The warning signs announcing gypsy moth spraying have been all over town for a couple of weeks. Rain prevented the application of the killing beasties until this week of good weather.

People may have (unnecessarily) given up on their ash trees being destroyed by the Emerald Ash Borer, but local government is fighting back against gypsy moths.

Friday morning, this helicopter went up and down Lakewood's Lake Avenue spraying the oak-hickory forest with Bacillus thuringiensis, B.t., for short.

For the second time this week, a helicopter was spaying for gypsy moths over our home in Lakewood.

The first time, I was awaken at 6:33 AM thinking I was under attack. It sounded like the movies about the Vietnam War and I was a Viet Cong.

Half a dozen passes were made.

Today just before nine, the process repeated itself.

I didn’t know we would get a double dose.

My Emerald Ash Borer guy, Wayne White, should be coming to McHenry County in early June to treat the tree above out bedroom.

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