Forensicom Releases Some Findings

According to the First Electric Newspaper, the firm hired by the Grafton Township Trustees to investigate whether Grafton Township computers had been tampered with sent an email last night complaining of not having been paid some $15,000 and released some findings.

You can find the details here.

Conferring after the meeting on the steps of the Huntley Park District Recreaction Building were Grafton Township Trustees Betty Zirk and Rob LaPorta. Trustee Barb Murphy can be seen to the left next to the waving Township Clerk Harriet Ford.

Pete Gonigam reports that an email was sent to Trustee Rob LaPorta, which he read after the meeting last night.

In the continuing separation of powers trial, Supervisor Linda Moore has already testified that she asked her computer guy to remove the financial information, which she took home nightly and reinstalled in the morning.

“I choose not to use the server in my office. It’s unnecessary. The use of a server is another example of my predecessors waste of the taxpayers’ money. In an office the size we have, we can network computers without the need for a server,” Moore said.


Forensicom Releases Some Findings — 28 Comments

  1. Why would the supervisor install an erasure program on township computers? what is Linda trying to hide? I can’t imagine a valid reason for an elected official to perpetrate such an act. Another charge against Linda Moore, using taxpayers money to erase township records. Can you say “inditement!”

  2. (60 ILCS 1/70‑25)
    Sec. 70‑25. Account of receipts and expenditures.
    (a) The supervisor shall keep a just and true account of the receipts and expenditures of all moneys that come into the supervisor’s hands by virtue of the office, in a book to be provided for that purpose at the expense of the township. The book shall be delivered to the supervisor’s successor in office.

  3. hey kay, Please not the passage that reads “JUST and TRUE.”

    For a copy of Forensicon’s letter to Grafton Township please visit w.huntleyneighbors(dot)com

  4. Was this the original amount mentioned for Forensicon?

    Was this put to bid or did a trustee or their new hire pick someone they knew?

    Was this a suggestion from their lawyer?

    Did they all weigh in on the choice but not do it at a noticed public meeting?

  5. For Dee,

    Seriously, look past trying to defend the “Supervisor” and make the trustees and Pam Fender look bad.

    Some of the findings have been revealed and it does not look good for Linda Moore. Are you going to support her and praise how angelic she is when she’s in an orange jumpsuit behind bars?

    “Someone” used an Eraser program at the Township office and dumped the Quickbooks folder in the recycle bin. “Someone” did this before Pam started working there or had access to the building. “Someone” did this on a holiday when the Township office was closed. Coincidence?

  6. 4dee – In court before Judge Caldwell and under oath, Linda Moore admitted to removing the townships financial records from the township computer. This was a criminal act. When investigating an act such as this one perpetrated by Linda, time is of the essence. I can’t imagine putting an investigation out to bid. Do not forget that this fifteen thousand dollar forensic investigation could have been prevented if Linda admitted that she did the crime.

  7. Speaking of “waste”, Linda, that pretty much describes your time in this job – a waste of time, a waste of money and a waste of effort. I hope this report gets into the judge’s hands. You’re in some deep quicksand and sinking fast.

  8. Why isn’t there a picture showing them in their circus garb getting into the Volkswagen Beetle.Was this eraser used previous to Linda Moore being elected?Questions that should be answered.

  9. It clearly states on FEN cadman that it was installed on February 15, 2010.

  10. How far back did Forensicom look? Did they look back to the Previous supervisor’s term? As far as payment being held isn’t there’s something about per legal advice payment iis being held in abeyance pending litigation.

  11. Was that the first installation or won’t they admit to another one. You know considering the group that is in should trust be removed from the word trustee?

  12. When will Linda’s supporters get over what the previous Supervisor did or didn’t do? It’s not relevant and you can’t smoke screen others with it. The issue is LINDA MOORE’s performance as Supervisor and her lack of ability to perform the duties as required. Not to mention her illegal activities.

    Will any supporter ever address her behaviors and actions? Linda Moore’s behaviors and actions without bringing up the building or the previous supervisor. Why does some previous supervisor’s job performance or stopping the building excuse Linda Moore’s ridiculous and probably illegal actions?????????

  13. Why is Rossi being brought into this? This is ALL about Linda and her time in office. If any of you owned a company or corporation and Linda, as your employee wiped financial records off of your computer, would you find it acceptable?

  14. Have you changed storage methods or computers at your house? Would you leave your data on an old hard drive or storage device? Recently we learned that even copy machines have hard drives that need consideration. What’s the big deal?

  15. The big deal?!?!? You’re kidding!

    Linda striping the financial and bus pick-up records. Linda not informing anyone as to what she had done. Linda leaving elderly residents waiting for the township senior bus that never came. Linda allowing an investigation to open. Linda allowing several agencies to incure time, effort, manpower in the investigation. Linda not saying she was responsible and allowing Forensicon to begin it’s investigation which is funded by the taxpayers. Not a big deal? See no evil; Hear no evil; Speak no evil. Linda can do no wrong.

  16. The big deal is that Linda is the only one who can write checks, and currently, Linda is the only one in possession of the financial records. She is refusing to allow an audit. She is actively blocking a report that hints at questionable activity. This is a situation that is ripe for corruption, and is costing taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars.

  17. Linda claimed that the township offices were not secure. Is her household secure? Who has access to the computers she is using at home? Is General Assistance information secure on these home computers? This is confidential information, and we have no idea how many of Linda’s family and friends have access to the computers that this information is being stored on.

  18. All townships have General Assistance. Riley township just had a story in the paper and the supervisor had been doing General Assistance in her home until this summer due to previously having no office. Many supervisors do general assistance in their home. Many people work from home. Do you want to require all people to work from an office?

  19. The annual audit is not due until later this year and is required by statute. Why should the taxpayers pay for more than one audit per year? Is there money in the budget for a second annual audit?

  20. To you, Mr. Rossi can do no wrong. But wouldn’t you like to know what records were deleted when he was in office? Is this information in Forensicon’s research?

  21. Amazing that no Rossi critics existed until after Moore took office. Keep your eyes on the ball, “hey kay”, instead of the smoke and mirrors. This township has major problems now. Our money is disappearing right before our eyes and you are blaming someone who has been out of office for over a year! How much more ignorant can you be? If you truly trust her, start paying off her $10000+ campaign loans! Yeah, I thought as much.

  22. The township is now starting to live on non-borrowed funds, a first step to responsible finances. If there were no Rossi critics before she was elected how did she beat the incumbent? The biggest problem the township has now is a politically divided board and unauthorized trustees who can’t spend your money fast enough. It looks like you have run out of issues if you are resorting to personal attacks. Supporters paid with private money to put Moore in office not your money.


    The paperwork she filed with the state board of elections says otherwise – she financed her campaign with personal loans. So someone is lying: either you people didn’t send your checks or the money wasn’t reported. Either way, it sounds like more financial irregularities and the coincidences are mounting. Maybe she’s trying to save taxpayers more money by not having state workers key in her figures. No Moore irregularities! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!

  24. Cal – You should tag this blog entry “Linda Moore” as it’s all about Linda.

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