Hispanic Male Attempts to Lure 14-Year Old Girl near Ackman and Wyndham Cove

CVS Pharmacy is at the corner of Ackman and Randall Roads.

With a pleasant Memorial Day Weekend coming up, here is a danger that you might want to pass on from the Crystal Lake Police Department.

Friday May 28, 2010 4:02 PM CDT

C.L.P.D. reports a 14 year old was approached by a subject near Ackman Road and Wyndham Cove.

On today’s date, a 14 year old female was walking in the area of Ackman Road and Wyndham Cove and she was approached by a male Hispanic subject.

The suspect asked the female if she wanted a ride, he asked for her telephone number, and he commented on how beautiful she was.

The female declined the ride and the subject left the area Westbound Ackman Road without further incident.

The suspect was described as a male Hispanic, approximately thirty years of age, with a shaved head and some facial hair on his chin.

The suspect was driving a late model minivan, light gray in color. Anyone having information is asked to contact the investigations division at (815) 459-4481.

Less than ten days ago another Hispanic male was trying to get North Grade School girls into his white mini-van with a black stripe.

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