Tryon Comes Down on Side of Huntley Train Station

Mike Tryon

With the McHenry County Board supporting Amtrak stations in both Marengo and Huntley, but common sense saying that Amtrak, which did not want to slow down service to Rockford and beyond with any stops in McHenry County, State Rep. Mike Tryon has put his support on the most logical of the two towns—Huntley.

Below is his press release about the subject:

Tryon Sends Letter of Support for Huntley Amtrak Station

This is the Union Pacific track that Amtrak trains would take through Boone County. It is at the private grade crossing maintained by Susie's Garden Patch on Route 176 west of Garden Prairie. Great asparagus.

SPRINGFIELD… In a letter to Governor Quinn, State Representative Mike Tryon (R, Crystal Lake) expressed his support for the Village of Huntley, which is seeking to have the newly slated McHenry County train station located within its municipality.

“Looking at the potential sites, the Village of Huntley makes the most sense for many reasons, not the least of which is their financial commitment to the project.

“There’s an opportunity here that needs to be taken advantage of,”

stated Tryon.

This handicapped accessible train station at the illinois Railroad Museum is the only exiisting one on the Union Pacific tracks over Amtrak would traverse McHenry County. Plenty of long-term, low-cost parking could be made available.

The opportunity Tryon is speaking of is the willingness of the Village of Huntley to shoulder most of the financial burden for the proposed station, including road improvements along with the construction of the station itself.

Upon the announcement by Amtrak that McHenry is likely to have a stop on a new service line from Chicago to Dubuque, Iowa, the Village of Huntley has actively sought the station.

With this, they have committed to an investment of $6 million for the construction of a full interchange at Illinois Route 47 and Interstate 90, $5.8 million to widen Illinois Route 47, and the construction of the station itself.

“No other community has made this type of financial commitment, and that accompanied by their potential rider based from the Del Webb Sun City retirement village makes Huntley the obvious choice,” said Tryon.

In addition to the close proximity to Del Webb, the Huntley location would also provide greater accessibility to rider from the densely populated Kane County area, which currently travel to Elgin for train service to Chicago.

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