Emerald Ash Borer Makes the Northwest Herald

The article is gone into “pay to see” archives by now, but it was interesting to read Brian Slupski’s article on the spread of the Emerald Ash Borers in McHenry County.

He quoted a Huntley official as taking about cutting down infected trees. A Woodstock official is cited.

The reporter quotes the state Ag Department’s Paul Deizman as identifying Kane and McHenry County’s as “ground zero” for the infestation in Illinois.

But the article had a pessimistic tone.

No ash trees in ten years.

Treatment, such as we have had applied to the big ash tree that our neighbor Walt Southern convinced my father not to chop down because it was “an ash,” is mentioned, but the article says it’s expensive.

No estimate is made of the cost of removing dead ash trees.

Or the value of their shade in lessening air conditioning cost.

No one could be found who thought the trees were worth saving.

Ash tree shading our bedroom.

Wayne White, the Master Arborist treating our tree, is treating trees all over Cederburg, Wisconsin. The recommendation of Cedarburg’s arborist is here.


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  1. Everyone with an ash tree has to look at the options on whether or not it is feasible to save the tree. If there are heavy infestations of EAB, it may not be the best economical choice for a homeowner to treat every year.

    More information on EAB, ash trees, and treatment options at http://www.emeraldashborer.info.

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