Woodstock’s Memorial Day Ceremony Moved Indoors

With the gully washer McHenry County had Monday, it is no surprise that the concurrent Memorial Day Parade was canceled.

Not canceled was the ceremony performed by the Woodstock Veterans of Foreign Wars.

Woodtock VRW members lined up in front of the Opera House.

It appears taps were blown outside the Opera House.

What folks saw inside the Opera House. Photo credit: Amy Mahon

The photo of the VFW members and the stunning one above of a memorial display above were taken by a member of the Mike Mahon for McHenry County Sheriff staff.

McHenry County Sheriff's candidate Mike Mahon, friends and family.

Mahon, his family and friends were all set to march in the parade, but had to settle for the picture in front of the Civil War Memorial that you see above.


Woodstock’s Memorial Day Ceremony Moved Indoors — 2 Comments

  1. Mike Mahon campaigning at a MEMORIAL DAY PARADE, and Sally Wiggins at the Woodstock National Guard Armory MEMORIAL dedication, for their HEROS who were killed in action in Iraq, asking for signatures;
    ZERO class either one of them

  2. I didn’t see anyone with a clip board asking for signatures. What signatures? I guess I missed that.

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