Palatine Tea Party Aggregates Melissa Bean Ratings

What special interest groups say about a Member of Congress can tell voters a lot. The Palatine Tea Party has found the ratings and released the results below:

Melissa Beans – “The Hill” Ratings

Melissa Bean touring the McHenry County Workforce offices in Woodstock.

Palatine, Illinois – For the last 5+ years Rep. Melissa Bean has touted government accountability, fiscal responsibility and tax relief. But does her record live up to her rhetoric?

What has Rep. Bean been doing on our behalf?

For starters, ignoring and avoiding her more conservative constituents.  So much for accountability.

She also voted for all major deficit laden, big government legislation such as bailouts, stimulus and health care.

So much for fiscal responsibility.

And has anyone noticed any tax relief in the last 5 years?

So what else should we know about Rep. Bean before the November election?  If she’s reelected will her conduct and votes reflect our principles and values? has a section entitled “Lawmaker Ratings” which shows how advocacy groups score politicians on issues.  The ranges are 0-100 or A-F.  Here are Rep. Bean’s scores.

  • Gunowners of America (Pro Second Amendment Lobby) – F*
  • National Right to Life Center (Anti Abortion) – 0*
  • Family Research Council (Judeo-Christian values) – 5*
  • American Conservative Union (Conservative Ideals) – 16*
  • National Taxpayers Union (Tax Reform/Small Gov) – 17*
  • Club for Growth (Limited Gov/Pro Free Market) – 22*
  • Americans for Tax Reform (Small Gov/Flat Tax) – 25*
  • Citizens Against Government Waste (Gov Waste Watchdog) – 30*
  • Peace Action (Anti War Lobby) – 31*
  • Council for a Livable World (Anti WMD Lobby) – 37*
  • Friends Committee on National Legislation (Anti War Lobby) – 50*
  • Center for Security Policy (Peace through Strength) – 50*
  • BIPAC (Business PAC) – 50*
  • Numbers USA (Anti Illegal Immigration) – C+*
  • National Federation of Independent Business (Small Business Lobby) – 64*
  • Americans for Democratic Action (Progressive Ideals) – 65*
  • Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence (Anti Gun Lobby) – 66*
  • Children’s Defense Fund (Social Justice for Children) – 70*
  • AFSCME (Government Employees Union) – 71*
  • Drum Major Institute (Progressive Ideals) – B*
  • Human Rights Campaign (Gay Rights) – 80*
  • AFL-CIO (Labor Union) – 82*
  • Chamber of Commerce (2008) – 83*
  • ACLU (Progressive Causes/Civil Rights) – 83*
  • Alliance for Retired Americans (Pro Medicare/Social Security) – 90*
  • American Public Health Association (Pro Socialized Medicine) – 100*
  • League of Conservation Voters (Environmental Causes) – 100*
  • NARAL Pro-Choice America (Pro Abortion) – 100*
  • National Education Association (Education Union) – A*


Palatine Tea Party Aggregates Melissa Bean Ratings — 5 Comments

  1. You title implies that the Palatine Tea Party put this togther “Aggregates” where as this is just a copy and paste form other people’s work.

  2. It is shocking–appalling–that a group be allowed to send out a press release so laden with absolutely false information. For example:

    “And has anyone noticed any tax relief in the last 5 years?”

    I Have. here’s LAST YEARS tax relief:

    Individuals with less than $100,000 annual income got a tax credit of $400, while couples get $800.

    An expansion of the child tax credit

    AMT adjusted for inflation for the first time

    $8000 First Time Homebuyer credit

    Deductible for all Auto sales tax

    $1500 tax credits for home repairs & energy efficient HVAC, etc.

    $2500 tuition tax credit

    up to $2400 in unemployment compensation is now tax-free

    Tax credits for small business to encourage hiring purchasing and expansion

    NO WONDER people do not trust Republicans with any positions of power!!!!

  3. Cal, Thanks for posting the Melissa Bean’s report on your site. All can be seached online as being true. I have no intension of supporting this lady again, even more so after her vote in favor of the Health Care disaster. Enough is enough.

  4. Reply to Joe:

    Only one of the items you mentioned above could be considered a form of tax relief. The rest are wealth redistribution credits since only some taxpayers can benefit from them. The tax-free portion of the unemployment compensation is at best a perverted form of tax relief because our taxes pay for the unemployment benefits to begin with.

    True tax relief is being able to keep more of what you earn.

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