Johnsburg Memorial Day Activities Provides Backdrop for Sally Wiggins Petition Signature Seeking

Sally Wiggins walked the Johnsburg Memorial Day Parade route. Playing to the hometown crowd, she reminds people that she graduated from the local high school in 1981.

The woman who wants to run for McHenry County Judge as an Independent, Sally Wiggins, was in hometown of Johnsburg on Memorial Day parading and soliciting signatures.

Sally Wiggins greeted those along the sidelines. Do you think this man is the father of one of her high school classmates?

She was kind enough to send some photos, which I am pleased to share with you. (Take note other candidates seeking similar coverage.)

Korean War Veterans were in the Johnsburg parade.

Of course, veterans were in the parade.  It was for them and the ones they left behind.

Here are McHenry Township officials in a 1957 Chevy. Donna Schaefer, Kathy Kuchta and Marsha Nelson. You will note that they are all riding in the same car. In the car behind, I see McHenry County Board member John Hammerand and his wife Cheryl, a Wonder Lake Fire Protection District Trustee.

But, so were other politicians.  Above you can see McHenry Township officials.  There’s Supervisor Donna Schaefer and Trustees Kathy Kuchta and Marsha Nelson. McHenry County Board member John Hammerand and his wife Cheryl, a Wonder Lake Fire Protection District Trustee, are in the next car.

People lined that part of the parade route that went across the Fox River bridge.

The parade route went across the Fox River Bridge.

The strains of "Amazing Grace" floated over the Fox River and echoed off the bridge.

Under the bridge on a pier two bag pipers played “Amazing Grace.”

There were prayers at the Memorial Day ceremonies.

But back to the source of these photos.

Candidates with enough volunteers have a banner so people can see who the candidate is.

Notice how Wiggins makes sure people know that her maiden name is “Oeffling?”

Candidates with enough money give away candy. Having kids do it is most endearing.

If she gets enough signatures and they muster an inevitable petition challenge by Republicans, she will face off against Associate Judge Gordon Graham of Crystal Lake.  No Democrat has filed for the office.


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  2. Dear AZ Supporter:

    Thank you for your post. Please know that your frustration is not taken lightly; I apologize to you or anyone else who viewed our attendance in a less than respectful way, we were encouraged to attend by Veterans. Memorial Day is a balance and a balance that is not always perfect.

    While my grandparents were farmers here in McHenry County, I also have a son who has two generations of military service in his blood (a grandfather career Army serving two tours in Viet Nam receiving a bronze star and a father who enlisted in the Air Force and volunteered to serve in Viet Nam), I understand the meaning of Memorial Day and the meaning of loss that accompanies a life of service in the military. And indeed, given his military family background, it is a real possibility that he will feel a calling to serve our Country, and while I will admittedly have a selfish heart should the day present itself, I fully believe we serve where we are called and will be a proud parent if he does serve our Country.

    I took your comment to heart (maybe as a candidate I shouldn’t admit that I have one, but I do) and asked families called to receive and bury their spouse, father, son, daughter, sister, or brother, what they thought. I have met thousands of people over the last couple of weeks – while I reminded them I am running for judge – they want someone to listen to them – I have recorded in my mind many of their stories. So, I asked them, and others I know, they say they too look for balance on Memorial Day – a service of prayer remembrance followed by a parade as a celebration for the life/sacrifice of the loss of their loved one. Some have small children. Yes, they like the candy, the old cars, the music, the corporate floats with candy, the sense of tradition and yes they even like the government officials. In jest, they say this is the only time that they see them (sadly maybe some truth). But they enjoy the tradition and feel that we are recognizing them with such parades.

    Again, AZ, thank you for your post, open dialogue is a freedom protected by those that serve. One not taken lightly.

    In closing, I ask others to respect AZ’s comment.

    Best regards,
    Sally Oeffling Wiggins
    Independent Candidate McHenry County Circuit Judge

  3. Having good judges on the bench is a benefit to all patriots/vets.

  4. My rant was not ONLY directed toward Mrs. Wiggins. ALL people running for office, or already IN office, should NOT use a memorial day parade to further their goals.
    There are plenty of village parades which can be used to promote themselves (McHenry’s Fiesta Days, Marengo’s Settler’s Days, etc). Those venues are more appropiate for politics and elections.

    I agree with earth mother also-however, I’d like to hear which judge in THIS county she does think may not be a good judge, and why? To imply is one thing; to prove is something else.

  5. AZ, Ms. Wiggins running as an. Independant has to get over 4,000 signatures in a short amount of time. Maybe unfair, but the rules. She had to get the signatures in 4 months. .The Republican she is running against needed 1,000 and had since last August to do it. She was not able to go to all the venues you speak of and get signatures. So, cut her some slack. Look at her website. She is not a “good ole boy” and has great credentials.

  6. Ms. Wiggins has not taken any contributions from lawyers in this county or any that could possibly end up in her courtroom nor will she. Others cannot say this.
    I think it is a good idea. Avoids a lot of temptation and problems. Something this county is loaded with.

  7. More inuendo (sp) from earth mother, not facts. I have NO problem with Mrs. Wiggins running for ANY office. However, it is her fault that she has little time to gain enough signatures; maybe she should have made the choice to run earlier.
    I hope she gets enough; nothing like a good race. I stated my main point above, and she has responded above. We just disagree. That’s what adults do, they agree, or they don’t. AND, as I said before, my rant was NOT only directed at her, although it may have sounded like that. If it did, sorry. I tied not to complain about an individual. Maybe I should have also mentioned Mr. McMahon (sp) and the names of the other office holders who were present in Johnsburg and Woodstock’s parades.

  8. AZ – It was not that she choose to run later. That is the rule for Independent candidates. She could not legally start signatures until middle of March. Independents are not treated equally with the Dems, Reps, Green etc.

  9. Greetings All

    I am following the dialogue regarding the process for running for McHenry Circuit Judge as an Independent with great interest.

    I decided to seek election as an Independent last Fall (see my, but legally (by statute) I could not begin to circulate petitions for signatures until March 23, 2010, and I must stop on June 12, 2010.

    Running as an Independent is difficult – I need by statute 4200 good signatures of McHenry County registered voters, verse the 500 that a “political” candidate needed to run for Judge. I had to wait until March 23 to start circulating. Throw Easter, spring breaks, rain and no outdoor sports in there and there are not many venues to get the signatures. Seems harsh, but those are the rules. Yep, I might not make the June 12 deadline or survive the challenge promised to be filed if I do get my numbers.

    Why Independent, if it is so much more work?

    My belief system. I believe that a Judge should not be politically aligned with a political party – period. Simply, Judges should be Independent. And consistent with that independence Judges should not accept donations for attorneys who appear before them.

    A Judge takes the oath of office to uphold the Constitution of the United States and State of Illinois and apply the laws before her – a Judge does not make policy.

    Here is are a few rhetorical question for you to think about as you enjoy your weekend:

    How does any Judge make decisions from the bench 1) Without feeling some influence from the political party that put them on the bench? 2) The party to whom they have to look to for reelection?

    Busy day ahead, if you have more questions please feel free to contact me at – I love to talk about things passionate to me and an Independent Judiciary is one of my passions.

    Best to all of you,

    Sally Oeffling Wiggins
    Independent Candidate for McHenry County Circuit Court

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