Nygren-Franks Relationship Goes Both Ways

McHenry County Blog reported on Republican McHenry County Sheriff Keith Nygren’s involvement with Democrat State Representative Jack Franks’ fund raiser.

Apparently the relationship is reciprocal.

Over the transom, so to speak, comes the silent auction sign-up sheet below:

The Jack Franks' "Page for a Day" bid sheet at a Keith Nygren fund raiser.

It is the donation of a “Page for a Day” with Franks in Springfield.

It’s not that it has to cost the legislator making the donation anything. He just provides the opportunity for the purchaser to run errands for state reps for a day.

But, given the inclusion of Nygren’s name on a list of supporters that Franks mailed far and wide, it does make one wonder.

Perhaps as interesting is the name of Nygren’s candidate for State’s Attorney against incumbent Republican Lou Bianchi, Dan Regna, as the only bidder when this photo was taken.

If I were Tribune columnist John Kass, I might be tempted to suggest there is a Bi-partisan Combine in McHenry County.

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I first ran into the term “over the transom” in connection with a currency exchange scandal uncovered by Chicago Daily News reporter Jack Mabley.  He said that legislators in Springfield left the the transoms of the window above the door in their hotel room open if they were amenable to accepting bribes.  This was before the days of air conditioning and an open hotel room and transom windows could provide cross-ventilation.

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