Contract Power in Grafton Township

Who can obligate the township?

is one of the key questions in the Grafton Township separation of powers lawsuit that Supervisor Linda Moore filed against the four Township Trustees and Ancel Glink partner Keri-Lyn Krafthefer.

Supervisor Linda Moore has refused to pay a fair number of bills the services for which she did not initiate.

The Annual Town Meeting held on April 13, 2010, was packed. Even though chairs had to be brought in, even by attendees, a good number were left standing.

Services requested by Township Administrator Pam Fender with regard to the Annual Town Meeting have been submitted, approved by the township board, but not paid. Moore has said the non-payment is on the advice of her attorney, John Nelson, pending the outcome of the trial.

The most interesting one is bill from Forensicon.

Right before the end of the trial, Ancel Glink litigator Thomas DiCianni requested “interim relief.” He wanted Judge Michael Caldwell to order Moore to “pay the Forensicom bill.”

It’s now about $15,000.

Forensicom charges $350 per hour for "Trial Preparation & Reporting."

And I’m not sure that includes the cost of court testimony at $350 per hour.

Judge Caldwell’s answer?

“I have the authority to do so, but I won’t.

“If Forensicon wants to take action on its own, it can.”

"Retaining Client" is the way this contract with Forensicon characterizes Grafton Township law firm Ancel Glink.

Ancil Glink seems to have arranged to hire the firm.  It is listed above as the “retaining client.”

Forensicon contract page showing March 25, 2010, signatures of Grafton Township Trustees Betty Zirk and Rob LaPorta. Click to enlarge.

Trustees Betty Zirk and Rob LaPorta signed the contract on behalf of Grafton Township.


Grafton Township Trustee Rob LaPorta listens as colleague Betty Zirk speaks.

Who will be on the hook for the $15,000 bill when the judge’s decision comes down?


Contract Power in Grafton Township — 14 Comments

  1. Who will be on the hook for apparently deliberate destruction of township records when the report from Forensicon is complete?

  2. Even though Linda Moore did ot “approve” the contract with Forensicon, she should pay their bill PERSONALLY! After all it was Linda’s computer high-jinks that generated the need for a computer forensic investigation.

    Linda’s history: Multiple restraining orders against YOU by your own family members! Moore Turf Care BANKRUPT! Multiple healthcare providers taking YOU to court for non-payment of services! Covering up the schooyard “spill” of toxic chemicals and removing the tainted soil before the EPA could investigate. Linda, you are a piece of work.

  3. The restraining orders by her family were for harassment of her own elderly parents.

  4. Ah, another attempt to slam a person using unrelated personal crud dropping only bits and pieces of what suits you. You don’t know the whole stories. You don’t tell about a good result. You know there was political hockey puck stuff going on in part of this.

    Saying Moore Turf is bankrupt when it’s not could just find YOU in court.

  5. Re my 7:58 a.m. piece in response to the 7:04 a.m. piece – the Internet has degenerated into swill. Too many people have taken a wonderful opportunity to exchange ideas and learn and turned it into a vicious porch gossip cluck fest.

    There is no reason to trust anything they say.

  6. I’m sorry Moore Turf Care is not bankrupt. My appologies. I stand corrected.

    IMO, the “unrelated personal crud” speaks of Mrs. Moore’s character.

  7. re 9:48 a.m post – Okay, so NOW you say MTC is NOT bankrupt and you are wrong on something. Did you even care about the damage you could cause a business or was it more important to you to spread bankruptcy stuff about it or those involved? “Moore Turf Care BANKRUPT” was your statement with no wiggle room – and your backup for that statement is where? This is beyond political garbage.

    If going to court over what is BELIEVED to be a bad bill speaks to character, I would say it’s about GOOD character. Instead of rolling over and paying a bill where there is a dispute – two parties used legal services. YAY. It takes guts and determination. One or two disputes about bills over decades for a family isn’t exactly a flipping pattern!

    As to family situations – they happen in small and large families. You and I will never know the whole truth.

    I would suggest the character in question might be Yours not Ms. Moore’s.

  8. Not putting your name on a comment is not the same as being able to hide your identity.

  9. I don’t know if anyone that has been in court over medical bills. I don’t know anyone that has had orders of protection placed on them by other family members. I don’t know anyone that spills toxic chemicals and then covers it up. You must be right . . . my character is questionable. YAY or Linda. She is doing a fine job.

  10. Sorry . . . the sentence should read

    “YAY FOR Linda. She is doing a fine job.”

  11. re: chemical spills – talk to some regular folks equipment related blue collar workers, farm people, etc., the fluid in question has a fascinating way of making its presence well known. It’s not like the earth shakes every time this happens. It gets dealt with and it’s over. It’s business. Things get blown out of proportion when politics are involved and this area is ripe with political nonsense.

    re: orders of protection – you do know that OOPs can be issued for things other than the spousal type disturbances in the papers don’t you? Distancing mechanisms exist to allow disagreements to be resolved in courts. Perhaps in your personal world people agree about everything, blah, blah, blah. I’ve never met a family that didn’t have something going on in the near or extended family. I’ve seen white bread, Mr. Clean relationships go to heck in a matter of minutes. Life happens. Emotions happen.

    Yes, 1:48 p.m. you can join other people with your character in question when you don’t know the entire story behind events and try to use it against others. A lot of it can easily be he said she said. Adults and non-bullies don’t need to engage in these tactics. They actually deal with the topics and engage in related banter. The equivalent of “Your Mama wears Army boots” tells me the speaker isn’t making his/her case.

    The public would probably be surprised at the personal lives of some of the people it praises – putting people on a pedestal doesn’t mean they are (“someone’s” idea of) perfect. People you might disdain because they don’t fit into your idea of properly dressed or in the right work field are often the first to come running to help in time of need while others won’t even let their pinky fingers get dirty trying to help out.

    When I find a perfect world, with perfect people, I’ll take out an ad. Until then, I deal with human beings.

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