McHenry Police Report More Car Break-ins in Lakeland Park

Ror the second time this week, McHenry Police are reporting cars are being robbed:

McHenry City Police Investigate additional Burglaries to Motor Vehicles

In the early morning hours of Friday June 11, 2010 the McHenry City Police investigated three burglaries from motor vehicles.

The vehicles were located in the 3300 Block of Chestnut and the 2000 Block of Hemlock.

This is the second occurrence in which vehicles were burglarized this week.  

The Lakeland Park Subdivision had vehicles burglarized on 6/7/2010.

It is unknown if these incidents are related.  Residents are urged to remove valuables from their vehicles and to lock the vehicle doors.

If anyone has information on these incidents please call the McHenry City Police Department @ 815/363-2200.


McHenry Police Report More Car Break-ins in Lakeland Park — 2 Comments

  1. Maybe it’s time the citizens in The Lakeland Park Community, me being one, start to pressure local government officials about this issue. We can start by first organizing street watches in the community, looking out for one another. We can request the city to enact the McHenry home rule to evict these families that have had numerous run-ins, and arrests, in the area to get them out of here. I am a new home owner in the community and have had several run ins with the “hooligans” in the neighborhood from smoking marijuana in clear view of my children, to being on my property at 1 a.m.! It starts with the community nbanding together and confronting these issues with local law enforcement and community leaders. These kids are running loose over here and sooner later something tragic will happen, something sever will occur and someone may get hurt in the process and we can do something about that before it gets too late. If you care for your home, your property and your livelihood to live in peace and security with in the confines of your Community then you must act now……get these local punks and their families out of our area and keep them out and when they are arressted, make sure the court systems keeps them incarcerated and accountable for their actions.

  2. We have had 3 breakins in a month and I seen the first man turn it into the police nothing has been done.

    I live in Canada Trac mobile homes.One of the ones that has been seen commin out of the homes still nothing one is a known felon.

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