Forensic Accounting Firm Toots Horn about Being Hired by Metra

I can’t wait to read the report by Blackman Kallick about what went wrong over the ten years that Metra Executive Director Phil Pagano looted the agency.

Here’s a post the firm has put on its web site.

It’s the firm that did the $50,000 report on the Bill Cellini-led hotel deal in Springfield.

Metra Hires Blackman Kallick to

Assess Internal Controls and Management Practices

Phil Pagano

Blackman Kallick’s Forensic & Litigation Practice has been hired by Metra to investigate and assess their internal controls and operating procedures following a financial scandal that resulted in the suicide of former Executive Director Phil Pagano. Below is an excerpt from a June 12 article in the Chicago Daily Herald.

“Metra directors voted to hire the accounting firm of Blackman Kallick to scrutinize the agency’s operating procedures to see what went wrong and recommend future steps to avoid the abuses that occurred during Pagano’s tenure.

“Metra officials acknowledged that the trust they placed in Pagano – a highly regarded CEO – and his broad executive powers contributed to the abuses.”

I hope it does more good than that part of Huntley School District 158’s $100,000 forensic audit done by Jefferson Wells’ Mark Warner.

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