Huntley Has Two Meetings with Teachers Union; Nobody Can Remember When

How credible is it for a school district to have two meetings with its teachers union and no one can officially remember when either one was?

Huntley’s answer was it can’t recall.

Administration does recall that it wasn’t at the district’s offices.  Seems a bit odd not to have it at the administration building unless you don’t want other people to see you’re having a meeting or who else is actually in attendance.

There are Open Meeting Act prohibitions against too many board members attending.

If you believe the district’s response below, four people meeting together to discuss union business was “informal.”

This is probably code for not informing the entire board, including Aileen Seedorf, what was going on.

Kevin Gentry

Aileen Seedorf

You see, Kevin Gentry and Aileen Seedorf were representing the district when they met with the teachers union for months after the current teachers’ contract was signed.

Obviously Gentry didn’t want Seedorf along to witness or listen into whatever side deal he was offering or discussions he had with the teachers union.

Apparently four individuals attended, one board member and three teachers, and no one wrote down anywhere when either meeting was.

Apparently there wasn’t any email or text messages to set up or confirm either meeting date.

Apparently Supt. John Burkey can’t remember when the meetings were, if he discussed the results with Gentry.

If you believe the district’s response Gentry met with three teacher union officials all by himself.  If Gentry took notes of what was said at the meeting you have to believe he forgot to put a date on any notes.  You also have to believe Supt. Burkey’s administrative assistant made no note in her calendar of when either meeting was held.

You can ask the Huntley district for meeting dates, and as you can see from the letter below, the district officially can’t recall. I wonder why all of the teachers can’t recall.  Or did the district not bother to ask their teacher employees for the information that’s within their control?

Here’s what I requested:

“Under the Freedom of Information Act, I request the dates of meetings held with the Huntley Educational Association’s bargaining agent in attendance after September 30, 2009 to present.”

This is District 158’s reply:

“This letter is in response to your Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request of June 7, 2010 in which you requested, ‘Subject:  Req for HEA Bargaining Dates Since 9-30-09, I request the dates of meetings held with the Huntley Educational Association’s bargaining agent in attendance after September 30, 2009 to present.’

Here are three Huntley teachers holding up signs for those attending a pre-strike informational picket.

“Board of Education President, Mr. Kevin Gentry attended two informal meetings held outside of the district offices, each with Ms. (Kim) Aschenbach, Ms. (Julie) Lutter and Ms. (Christine) Laird in attendance. Unfortunately, he is unable to recall the dates of the meetings.”


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  1. Since you are such a stickler for correctness, and expect others to proof-read their facts within an inch of their life, I respectfully point out that Ms. Aschenbach’s name is Kim, not Pam.

    Check your facts, Cal

  2. Whatever happened, I’m sure Larry Snow will be blamed for it. Hey, Jack, isn’t it hypocritical to say “respectfully”, then take your snarky “check your facts”? Nah, you must support those whackdoodles involved with the quality Huntley education administration (one reason we chose Crystal Lake over other areas when we moved).

  3. Mr. Seedorf,

    I request that someone not brave enough to use his own name for his hostile, snide and generally useless comments refrain from calling someone a thief when that someone’s myopic view prevents him from seeing even half the facts.


    Mike Laird (spouse of one of the thieves)

  4. First I was accused on Huntley Neighbors of being cadman; now Eileen Seedorf gets fingered.

    It isn’t either of us.

    And, thanks for the editing assistance of readers like Jack Sprat. I got the tag right and have made the correction in the article.

  5. I wrote MR. Seedorf, Bill not Aileen. I never indicated that it was you. That was a person with no relation to me. I don’t make statements without sufficient reasoning.

    See comment 12 of 13 the link below, partially pasted below.

    12 of 13 people found the following review helpful:
    1.0 out of 5 stars poor design, July 30, 2007
    By WILLIAM R. SEEDORF “cadman” (HUNTLEY, IL United States)

  6. Sorry, that should read William. I don’t know him well enough to be sure if he goes by Bill.

  7. Yep, Aileen Seedorf’s “better” half, Mr. William Seedorf, aka Cadman.

  8. Ever since the special needs debacle (I hear those kids never got the $800,000 supplanted funds as promised) my friends and family have every intention of voting out Gentry and friends. Thank you for keeping them honest Cal.

  9. Had enough, maybe you should check your facts again. Last I heard, the $800,000 is in the Special Needs budget for next year, just as it was planned all along. Kathleen Trautman specifically asked this question at a recent board meeting.

  10. Cadman- why are they thieves? Did they steal something and you have proof of this? I would be careful of defamation of character of these 3 people.
    Ms. Hill

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