Will Jack Franks Support for Teacher Unions’ Right to Strike Come Back to Bite Him?

John O'Neill

Jack Franks

John O’Neill is the Republican candidate running for state representative against ten-years-in-Springfield Democrat Jack Franks.

Franks cheered in the election of Rod Blagojevich and his era of Democrat politics, even asking him for appointments for friends and family.  You certainly can’t find any “Don’t vote for Blago” public campaign statements by Franks.

Once Blago took on a public relations stench, Franks tried to position himself as being for “reform.”

He promoted a recall constitutional amendment, for instance.

Originally, it included the ability of citizens to recall of statewide elected officials, state lawmakers, judges in local circuit courts and justices on the appellate and supreme court benches.

As it ended up on the ballot, only a governor like Rod Blagojevich could be recalled.

But it is so complicated that it won’t won’t ever be used unless we have another Rod Blagojevich and a U.S. Attorney like Patrick Fitzgerald.

So, you’ll understand why I say being a Democrat for “reform” in statewide Illinois politics is like pretending French fries aren’t made from potatoes.  And, although you might order French fries, you’ll get mashed potatoes, probably moldy ones.

Everyone in politics knows the largest amount of campaign money and campaign workers comes from the unions with teacher unions leading the pack.

Franks, like many I’m-entitled-to-keep-this-job politicians, has a nose for which way the political wind is blowing and where the political money is.

His opponent, John O’Neill, is on the McHenry grade school board of education, as well as its library board, and is running as a common sense conservative.

He is the kind of people-should-get-involved candidate that newspapers write about, but I’m betting the Northwest Herald will give a negative slant to O’Neill and won’t endorse him.  I’m also betting they will ignore Franks’ liberal positions in an effort to keep him in office.

Franks is an insider lawyer-politician (probably up in Canada fishing with the Democratic Party power elite right now) who has vigorously defended teachers unions’ right to strike in Illinois.

In lawyerly fashion he defends driving up costs for taxpayers, in union lawyer fashion, as a good thing.

In liberal Massachusetts teachers are not allowed to strike and it is one of the most unionized states in the nation.  Massachusetts is generally regarded as having one of the best public education systems in the country.

What got me thinking about this is the photo I took.  It was of Huntley teachers on strike.  One of the teachers was holding up a union sign with

“Good Teachers Deserve Good Benefits”

It begs the question:

“What about the really lousy, go-through-the-motions, can’t-get-rid-of and way-overpaid-for-what-they-are-‘teaching’ teachers?”

It’s in the extreme liberal category to demand teacher unions keep their right to strike.

Driving up costs to taxpayers is anything but fiscally conservative or fiscally responsible.

Although, if you are a lawyer, as Franks is, anything black can be labeled white and puffed up and sold to voters as “conservative.”

Liberals puffed up and sold Barack Obama to voters as mainstream and moderate.


There’s nothing conservative about being an automatic vote in Springfield for the teachers unions whenever they need one, as Franks is. It’s called liberal Democrat politics and Franks is into the teachers unions as much as any politician in Illinois.  He tries to hide or disguise it, because he has to answer to the voters in McHenry County every two years.

Illinois right-to-strike teacher unionism allows kindergarten physical education teachers to get paid the same as high school English teachers who have to correct and grade essays.

It also allows for pay schemes where they and middle school gym teachers, for example, can get paid $100,000 a year for less than nine months of work days.

The union’s threat of a strike prevents common sense from prevailing.

It makes it difficult for boards of education to say, “No,” to every teacher being paid the same way regardless of what grade or subject they are teaching.

About ten percent of public school teachers are physical education (gym) teachers.  If P.E. teachers have been teaching “health” to students, the push against childhood obesity is one indication their efforts overall on a national level haven’t been successful.

Jack Franks’ liberalism isn’t based on compassion, at least not for students stuck in failing schools.

Liberal Democrat politics can be downright mean to the needy in Illinois.

More tomorrow on how liberal union politics hurt the most vulnerable and needy students.  And how Jack Franks voted to put money ahead of what’s good for students and parents.  It proves how one can be a lawyer and leader, while being a bad leader preventing real reform in Illinois.


Will Jack Franks Support for Teacher Unions’ Right to Strike Come Back to Bite Him? — 4 Comments

  1. You’re brilliant! Two of the correct sound bites that I’ve used often are: bitching about how hard they work and how dedicated they are when they work five hours per day, less than half the days of the year—-&—-should a driver’s education teacher or Freshman gym teacher really make what a senior level physics’s teacher makes? You open a hornet’s nest when you take them on. They’ve got a lot a time to respond and they know how to communicate and they’ve got good coaches at the IEA and NEA.

  2. The Huntley D158 Board got a resolution passed last fall wherein the Illinois Association of School Boards will take an official stance and lobby the state Legislature to ban public school employee strikes. None of them will touch it in an election year, but let’s see if it gets any legs next year. Franks’ position on this matter and some others, prove that he’s a liberal, through and through. There’s no such thing as a “moderate” Democrat. I will do what I can to get Mr. O’Neill elected.

  3. Sorry to inform you but I am a Moderate Democrat. I now what you are saying when it comes to the teachers union. I believe in common sense not pay to play. The reason for politicians not wanting to invoke the teachers union is because of the amount of money they have borrowed from the retirement funds over the last 12 years since Governor Edgar signed a bill allowing them to be able to borrow the money from the funds. They have not fulfilled they end of the contract negotiation though because they were suppose to put the money back in which they haven’t. They are afraid of being sued by those Labor unions. That is why they vote for them instead of voting for common sense.

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