Does NPR Poll Indicate Vulnerability for Melissa Bean?

Joe Walsh

Melissa Bean

National Public Radio reports on a 1,200 person poll taken in 70 U.S. House of Representative districts considered swing districts.

Three from Illinois—Bill Foster’s, Debbie Halvorsen’s and Melissa Bean’s—were included.

The results nationwide showed voters selecting Republicans over Democrats 49% to 41%.

The relevant part of the story for McHenry County residents follows:

“…the newest poll may also show that Bean is vulnerable.”

Republican Joe Walsh and Green Bill Scheurer are challenging Bean in the 8th District race.


Does NPR Poll Indicate Vulnerability for Melissa Bean? — 5 Comments

  1. Bean has gone along with every LEFT WING–nut job idea of our illegitimate NOBAMA.
    Cap&Tax, NobamaCare, —BILLIONS in new tax. She is right behind Jan Schakowski the ultimate nutbag.

  2. I am sure that the Democrat incumbant Melissa Bean will defeat Joseph Walsh (a party-switching repeated loser candidate for many offices) who just moved to the district and lied (even to Republicans) about his Evanston condo foreclosure in 2009. If the Republicans found an intelligent candidate, Bean could be in trouble in November, but she is safe with Walsh as her opponent.

  3. Melissa Bean lied shamelessly in the run up to the vote on health care reform, then claimed she never read the bill, and now STILL persists in the old talking points that it will lower premiums and reduce costs.

    On financial services reform, she received over $1.4 million in campaign contributions from banks and — hey hey — personally gutted the reforms to favor banks! The Huffington Post called her “the bank lobbyists’ stooge”. Her best was her YouTube debut – it’s worth checking out:

    Condo schmondo – I’m voting for Walsh because he won’t waste our money and raise our taxes.

  4. Melissa Bean beat Phil Crane 3 years ago by negative ads and pointing out abuse and waste.

    She is now part of this congress, that has a 72% disapproval rating, and is the most financially irresponsible congress ever.

    This congress will over spend in 2010 by over $1.3 trillion dollars, and within the last 2 years racked up over $2.5 trillion dollars of debt.

    She is an Obama puppet, going along with all the out of control spending, huge corporate bailouts, and responsible for this poor economy that this high unemployment of this country.

    Melissa Bean needs to be replaced this November!

  5. Melissa Bean is in Obama’s pocket (back pocket), she doesn’t understand what the people in her district want.

    But she knows what Obama wants and she gives her votes against our wishes to Obama.

    She is a political cancer that needs to be removed like a tumor.

    I want to see her in the unemployement line where she has put a lot of people from Illinois.

    I voted for Walsh and so should you.

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