Nunda Neighbors for Open Space Going Out of Business

The State Board of Elections has denied the appeal of Nunda Neighbors.

It approved, however, a settlement offer.

Political Action Committee Treasurer Lori McConville, a Democratic Party candidate for McHenry County Board in the Nunda-McHenry Township District 3, told the board the committee was willing to shut down and pay the rest of the money it had as a fine. Admitting the guilt, but appealing the fine, it seems.

The remaining amount is $216.

The Hearing Examiner ‘s recommendation was a fine of $1,775.

Under the motion pass by the State Board of Elections, the committee will file a Final Report and turn over the remaining funds of the committee to the State’s General Revenue Fund.

If the committee remains out of existence for a 2 year period, the remaining amount will be abated.

Tax Fighter Gerry Walsh filed the original complaint pointing out that the PAC had filed its campaign disclosure forms late for a second time. The fine for the first time around is routinely waived, pending no further filing problems.

His comment?

“I have always said that the amount of the fine is secondary.

“The primary point has always been that Nunda Neighbors for Open Space contends that a significant tax increase is a financially justifiable vote. Yet, they have been found guilty of violating state campaign finance law twice in six months. Obviously, the have a poor grasp of finances.

“Their Treasurer, Lori McConville is running for McHenry County Board. Ms. McConville’s credibility for financial competence and compliance with state law is a bit questionable.”


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  1. Wow, there’s a surprise. A local PTA psycho supermom comes unhinged. These are some rough issues to overcome if she hopes to run a successful campaign…

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