Lecturing on Ethical Behavior in Illinois – Part 1

Patti shouts at Rod Blagojevich on Saturday Night Live.

Most of us would start chuckling or laughing if someone told us a current Illinois politician was lecturing people about ethics.

Illinois is synonymous with corruption.  On average a Chicago alderman gets convicted about every year (literally).

So while there was widespread unemployment and a gnawing need for jobs in McHenry County and Illinois, what was one of our local legislators doing last December?

First, you should probably be thinking of a warmer climate, as it was December.

Burris gets the bum's rush out of the U.S. Capitol on Saturday Night Live.

Second, you probably have to think of something that by doing it, wouldn’t help Illinois.

Not with jobs, or anything.

Third you have to think in terms of hobnobbing with other politicians and government officials in an effort to promote oneself outside of Illinois.

You might think it’s part of a Comedy Central routine being an Illinois politician and lecturing on political ethics.

Or Saturday Night Live.   After all, Rod and Patti Blagojevich and Roland Burris have made that show.

The issue of the White House offering jobs directly and through Bill Clinton if candidates drop out of Senate campaigns made the national news.

Jack Franks

So while foreclosures are way too high in McHenry County and economic hardship and job loss is prevalent, State Rep. Jack Franks was giving a lecture on December 7, 2009 in Scottsdale, Arizona.

With rampant corruption in Illinois, Franks lectured the Council on Governmental Ethics Laws.

Okay, you can stop laughing now.

More tomorrow.

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