I-57 Overpasses

I always get exercised when I see marginal highway projects in Downstate Illinois, while area residents are threatened (with the support of local officials) with a local toll bridge across the Fox River between Carpentersville and Algonquin.

In 2007, we were driving from McHenry County to Coles County via Interstate 57.

Right north of where we got off the highway in the Mattoon area, we saw a new overpass.

“What a waste!” I thought.

Coles County Population shows no growth since 1980.

It’s not as if the area is growing.

Then I thought of Eagle Creek Resort, a state-owned, but not flourishing resort on Lake Shelby we stayed at.

We enjoyed it.

I got a marvelous photo of a butterfly and a little girl and her father in the pool where my son spent most of his time.

I was told the overpass was to provide better access to it. Some were planning to put a casino there.

Overpass being build in 2007 north of Mattoon in Coles County.

So, I took a picture of it on the way home.

Overpass being built in Champaign County in 2007.

Another overpass was being constructed on the east side of Champaign in 2007.

When we got to the Champaign area, I spotted another new overpass.

“Another waste,” I thought.

At least Champaign County's population is growing a little bit.

Another photo opportunity.

Fast forward almost three years and what does the news say about the Champaign County overpass?

That Republican candidate Bill Brady had a subdivision he was trying to build east of town and the overpass would make that possible.

That he voted for the bill to build the overpass.

Charges of conflict of interest.

Just in case you think any candidate for governor is pure as the driven snow.

And, what about McHenry County’s population growth?

While Coles County population flatlined and Champign increase every so little, McHenry County's population soared.

And Kane County’s growth was none to shabby either.

Kane County has seen steady growth.

That sucking sound you hear is Northern Illinois Motor Fuel Tax money draining south for marginal road projects, while we sit in traffic jams.


I-57 Overpasses — 2 Comments

  1. Did you know IDOT is going ahead with the Western Bypass in Algonquin? This DOES NOT include a bridge over the Fox River and the cost is now up to $87 million!!! It will add 2 stoplights near the Post Office for the on-off ramps!! Our govt is so screwed up from the Feds all the way down to the small towns. 🙁

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