Lecturing on Illinois Ethical Behavior – Part 4

Maybe bragging by State Rep. Jack Franks about how he can afford to blow off time and money going to a Scottsdale conference on governmental ethics is supposed to impress potential voters with how hard he is fighting for jobs in Illinois.

However, it may come across as “I’m-above-the-ordinary folks” arrogance to be boasting on Facebook about it.

If you had a million dollars in your political action committee maybe you wouldn’t put much thought in what any little people think?

People who know Jack Franks, know he is at the front of the line to keep the teacher unions’ right to strike and is about as conservative as Barack Obama.

Both would tell you they are fiscally responsible.

Franks oompff as a Democrat in Springfield did get two pieces of legislation he introduced passed; House Resolutions 874 and HR 904.

Jesse White Tumblers in a Crystal Lake 4th of July Parade.

These two are pieces of improving-your-every-day-life legislation honor the Jesse White tumblers, who, if you didn’t know the obvious, are not from McHenry County. White is a Frank’s contributor and Canadian fishing buddy.

You might say it’s a bit ironic that Franks introduced House Resolution 971 months before the financial head of Metra decided to jump in front of a train.

Franks’ bill tackles the difficult issue of supporting “improved suicide awareness.”

He has been unable to garner enough support to “support improved suicide awareness” and have it pass the House.

To Franks’ credit and legislative prowess, it has been “placed on the calendar order of resolutions.”

So, it probably pass in this fall’s veto session.

Think of the publicity he could have gotten had it been passed this spring.

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