Young Chinese Leaders Come to Crystal Lake and Woodstock – Part 2

Today we continue talking about the delegation of young Chinese political leaders who were touring the country under the auspicious of the American Council of Young Political Leaders.

They arrived from Chicago at about noon and we drove to Lakeside Center.

Since it was noon, I figured that my Chinese young political leaders would be hungry.

I was surprised that many of the men were wearing suit coats.

Apparently not.

The Ferris Wheel seat was rocking and the young lady was really into the ride.

They didn’t want to eat right away.

When you see someone taking photos, you wave, right?

Instead, some rode on some carnival rides.

This delegation was into Peace signs. Does that bode well for future Chinese-American relations?

The Ferris Wheel had the most attraction.

Second time around.

I hope you will find the different shots I took of most of the delegation of interest.

McHenry Township Supervisor Donna Schaefer's daughter was having a good time. So was our Chinese guest.

I wish I could match the visitors names with their faces, but it’s been too long.

Off to take a look at the Crystal Lake Country Club.

Others asked if there were a golf course nearby, so I pointed them toward the Crystal Lake Country Club and off most of them went for a walk. Maybe they saw the golf club while on the Ferris Wheel.

The man from the Chinese government had a really good camera. Here he takes photos of those on the Ferris Wheel.

I got the impression that golf is quite the thing in China, that the courses are often difficult because they are located where people can’t live.

Compared to my camera, they had some really good ones.

The guy I pegged as the “watcher” had one and so did the party central committee secretary of Tibet.

The Chinese tour guide explained to me that Beijing had festivals like this, too, but they were “bigger.”

Little Crystal Lake versus multi-million person Beijing, I thought. I would hope festivals there would be larger.

Although it was lunch time, the Chinese did not eat until it was pretty much time for the bus to leave for Woodstock.

So, the bus was waiting.

The delegation finally got hungry and sat down to eat.

We were off schedule

A view of the late lunch from the other side of the table.

And the visitors were eating and drinking beer.

They had decided that they did not want to go for a boat ride.

They wanted to return to Chicago sooner, rather than late in the evening.

So, it was off along Lake Avenue to Briarwood.

I point out our house. Our flag was on a pole affixed to the garage.

“Why are so many flags displayed,” one wanted to know.

“Is it a patriotic holiday?”

I explained that it was not, that Independence Day was coming up, but that many people flew their flags all year round.

That surprised them.

As we were driving up Briarwood toward Route 176, another asked who tended to the trees.

A revealing question, perhaps.

McHenry County College

I replied that the people who lived in the houses did, explaining that they generally homeowners and took care of their properties. I added a little bit on the value of home ownership.

The bus went east on Lucas Road so I could show them McHenry County College. Just a drive-by look.

More tomorrow.

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