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Spring at Crystal Lake Central High School

I remember how old my parents were when they went to their 50th class reunion at Sudlersville High School on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

They were dressed up. I remember that from the pictures I can’t find.

So, this is the year of my 50th year reunion at Crystal Lake Community High School (now Crystal Lake Central High School).

I remember walking the halls when I was there being impressed with all the class photos. When I went back after returning from Oberlin College and the University of Michigan, I couldn’t find one for the Class of 1960. They seemed to stop right when I had graduated.

So, I inquired of District 155 Public Information Officer Jeff Puma. Here is his reply,

“I went over to Central to check into this for you. The school has original class pictures from 1928-1958 and from 1991-present. My understanding is that the class pictures between 1959-1990 were either stolen, ruined while in storage or not created depending on the year.

“Several classes have recreated their class picture as part of their reunions. This includes the classes of 1959, 1963, 1974 and 1975. These classes had the individual pictures of senior class members professionally scanned from the yearbook and then placed on a poster. If you are interested in doing something like this with your classmates, I can try to put you in touch with one of the other classes that did this for details of what company they used to create the hi-res scans. We can also provide the uniform dimensions and other information regarding the creation of the poster and frame.”

I’m hoping that my class will follow the example of our classmates from the Class of 1959.


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  1. Our class would like to get a class picture for our 50th.

    Please forward any information you have.

    Thank you very much.

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