Congressional Candidates Campaign in Crystal Lake

I figured out who the Democratic Party’s candidate for Congress is in the 16th congressional district at the 4th of July Parade on Monday.

A George Gaulrapp volunteer handing out palm cards at the 4th of July Parade.

When I saw a tee shirt advertising Gaulrapp for Congress, I asked the man wearing it where the candidate was on the ballot.

To my surprise, I learned it’s right where I live.

That shows, I guess, the uphill battle that Freeport Mayor George Gaulrapp has against incumbent Republican Don Manzullo, who was first elected in 1992, when he defeated McHenry County’s State Senator Jack Schaffer in the mainly Rockford media market district.

Manzullo and his wife Freda were in the parade riding in a convertible.

Congressman Don Manzullo and wife Freda in Crystal Lake's Independence Day Parade.

The man said that Gaulrapp was up ahead.  I had missed him.

Figuring this was the best chance to get a photo, I hurried to catch up.

Past the gravity defying Jesse White Tumblers I went, but not without picture taking slowing me down.

I spotted the candidate, but he was making good time.

He was right behind the McHenry County Democrats’ float throwing candy at the crowd from the bag over his shoulder.

I caught a better candy throwing pose than this, but the photo turned out fuzzy.

Perhaps Freeport and the rest of the congressional district has rules that are less nanny-like than Crystal Lake’s.

George Gaulrapp

I did manage to get a decent close-up and, unlike Mark Kirk, he wasn’t wearing a hat.

George Gaulrapp got resistance for being a Democrat while handing out candy to this family.

Accepting the candy, one man sitting in the shade said, “I like your candy, but not your politics.”

The parade handout of the Democratic Party candidate for Congress.

Gaulrapp tried to offer a rebuttal, handing him his piece of literature.

He suggested the man did not know where he stood on the issues.

But the pace of a parade is not conducive to such conversations.

Especially as the Jesse White Tumblers packed up its mats and mini-trampolines and started moving toward his fast disappearing float.

After I got home, I looked at his handout and found the following issue statements:

  • We need to concentrate on keeping companies here and to provide them with the tools for expansion.
  • Every citizen deserves affordable access to quality health care.  We must look to fix the problems that inflate cost.
  • We live in the renewable energy corridor.  Wind power, ethanol, bio diesel and nuclear power are clear and they work.
  • We need to reduce the corporate tax rate and allow companies to hire and expand.
  • We need to enforce our current trade laws and restrictions.  Job loss is wrecking our economy.
  • I believe people have the right to bear arms.  However, gun ownership comes with responsibility and accountability.

Whether reading his platform would convert the skeptical Crystal Lake man I don’t know.

The other side stress he was running to “put America back to work.”

His web site address––was also given.

And, Gaulrapp didn’t have time to stand around and find out if his positions would convince the spectator.

Playing candy man, Democratic Party opponent to Congressman Don Manzullo hurries after the local party float.

He was off giving away more candy.

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