“What’s Another $50 Million?” ask Democrats

State Rep. Jack Franks argues for passage of a state sales tax holiday on school clothing.

When Governor Pat Quinn says that the state has a $12 billion deficit, what’s another $50 million?

Apparently nothing.

$50 million is what the August 6-15 sales tax holiday will cost coffers.

Democrats don’t seem to care.

Two local Democrats were lead sponsors in the Illinois House:

  • Keith Farnham (from northern Kane County)
  • Jack Franks

The vote was 65-51 with local Republicans opposing the measure.

Only the state budget will take a hit.

Crystal Lake Mayor Aaron Shepley’s 75% city sales tax hike will still be collected, as will the huge RTA sales tax hike that went into effect one week before the Crystal Lake City Council voted 6-1 (Jeff Thorsen being the one voting “No”) was passed.

Trying to appear a fiscal conservative in spite of his refusal to support a bill that would save $240 million a year while providing poor inner city kids a chance at a decent education, State Rep. Jack Franks did not seek media attention on the passage of his sales tax holiday idea.

Maybe he doesn’t want a mixed message about his views on the deficit-ridden state budget.

That is quite unlike his appearance in April 12, 2005, press release issued by Lt. Gov. Pat Quinn press release promoting the idea and subsequent publicity.

The headline to the Chicago Sun-Times editorial pretty much tells it all: "Tax holiday is nice, but state is still broke."

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