Clean-Up Crew

The Defenders parade entry started the same way many did--with people carrying a banner.

Next was a convertible with Dianne and Rusty Ayers.

Rusty Ayers drove a convertible bedecked in green. His wife Diane Ayers sits on the top of the back seat.

But, then, this last entry in Crystal Lake’s 4th of July Parade made me smile.

It took me a bit of time to figure out that the people with garbage bags were part of a parade unit.

It was members of the McHenry County Defenders, aka, Environmental Defenders of McHenry County, with carrying bags and picking up garbage.

"Environmental Defenders of McHenry County, Citizens Working for a Better Environment" reads the banner on the side of the Falcon Waste & Disposal truck.

There was a Falcon Waste and Recycling truck with a big banner.  I guess that’s where the full trash bags ended up.

Some Defenders were wearing their new lime green tee shirts. ($10 for members.)

The clean-up crew was deployed along both sides of the parade route.

Spectators were more than willing to contribute waste products.

The parade was over.

And, that’s all there was.

= = = = =

The day after the parade, I saw that not everything left behind had made the Defenders’ trash bags.


A Mark Kirk yard sign left behind after the Crystal Lake 4th of July Parade.

There were a couple of Mark Kirk yard signs left behind.

A smaller piece of debris was on the sidewalk outside the Schwinn Bike shop, The Village Peddler.  It was from McHenry County Democrats.

This was found stuck to the sidewalk after the Independence Day Parade.

And, finally, I noticed this lost bracelet.

Right outside of the Dole Avenue door of the Schwinn Bike Shop lay this bracelet.

Some little girl must have been sad when she noticed that she had lost it.

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