Animal Control – The Privatization Option

The animal control van was in McHenry today.

With McHenry County animal control employees not willing to accept the county’s offer, perhaps it is time to take a page out of Chicago’s book.

Its Inspector General Joe Ferguson has suggested its animal control operation be privatized.

Now, I have to admit that I think privately-run operations are virtually always more efficient that government ones, hence, my willingness to chair the one and only Illinois House Privatization Committee.

But, that aside, privatization of the county animal control might be worth consideration by the McHenry County Board.

"I'd rather be sleeping than looking for the McHenry County Republican Cat Tax Collector."

Keely Cat is assuming that any such privatization effort (whatever that means) would not mean he would have to be on the watch for the McHenry County Republican Cat Tax Collector.

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