Mike Mahon Huntley Fundraiser Attended by State Comptroller Candidate David Miller

While Republicans were raising money in McHenry for party purposes, Democratic Party sheriff challenger Mike Mahon was doing the same in Huntley.

I went over after the GOP Play Day dinner and discovered an eating place treasure in the outside courtyard of the Parkside Pub.

Signs adorned the street, just as in McHenry.

Attending the fundraiser was the Democratic Party candidate for State Comptroller, State Rep. David Miller. Here he talks with Brian Meyers, Democratic Party Precinct Committeeman in Greenwood Township's 6th precinct.

Besides raising money, it was an opportunity for the Democrats’ candidate for State Comptroller to press the flesh.

McHenry County Democratic Party Chairman Mike Bisset talks with State Comptroller candidate State Rep. David Miller.

State Rep. David Miller drove 70 miles for the event. I reminisced about there being no roads between his Thorton Township next to Indiana and McHenry County. I remember meeting Maureen Murphy at a GOP meeting down there when I ran for State Comptroller against incumbent Roland Burris in 1982 and having a really hard time finding the bar where the event was held.

It was easier to get to Dwight than the part of Illinois where Miller lives.

As it started to get dark, I urged him to go home to his family. After all, how much flesh can one press in the Parkside Pub’s courtyard?

Independent candidate for McHenry County Judge Sally Wiggins converses with Democratic Party candidate for State Comproller State Rep. David Miller and McHenry County Democratic Central Committee Chairman Mike Bisset.

Also in attendance was Independent (I capitalize it because that word will be on the fall ballot instead of a party name) candidate for judge Sally Wiggins.

It was a delightful night for an outdoor gathering at the Parkside Pub.

Again, I ask for other candidates to send me their event photos. Time was when the Northwest or its predecessor Crystal Lake Herald covered GOP fundraisers as news events.  (I don’t remember they ever doing the same for Democrats.)

There would be a photo of candidates and/or the Play Day committee members posing in front a a big float elephant in the newspaper each year.

I remember being told of a visit by Governor Jim Thompson, probably in 1982, maybe in 1983. I was off campaigning for State Comptroller somewhere else in Illinois or in Springfield. My ex-wife Robin Geist took our daughter Alexandra, born Feb. 16, 1982. She was carrying a teddy bear that Thompson had sent to Robin’s Prentice Hospital room in a basket and coached Alexandra to say,

“Thank you for the teddy.”

Now local reporters pretty much ignore party and candidate affairs. There probably just aren’t enough of them and not enough news space.

But, back to Huntley.

One of those who attended was Mahon Pub Sikh Baba Ji, President of the Island Lake Guru Nanak Sikh Mission of America.

Sikh Baba Ji came for a short visit.  He leads the Island Lake Guru Nanak Sikh Mission of America.

Mike Mahon talks with Jeannie Marischler and his treasurer Laura Warzecha.

Mahon was courting contributors, volunteers and party people.

Mike Mahon and Tom Cynor talked.

Former Party Chairman Tom Cynor, who ran against McHenry County State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi, also attended.

Also attending were McHenry County Board members Paula Yensen and Kathy Bergan Schmidt.


Mike Mahon Huntley Fundraiser Attended by State Comptroller Candidate David Miller — 6 Comments

  1. Is that the same State Rep David Miller, the dentist that was the chief sponsor of legislation requiring dental exams for school children?

  2. I smell something cooking…is it roasting pork? I say he’s almost done, so bring on the sauce and stick a fork in him. I cannot any longer believe that Keith Nygren is an honest man. I keep waiting for an HONEST reporter to step up and tell us the truth about Nygren’s double-dealing and the dishonest relationships he’s been working for years now – at taxpayer expense. We can’t trust the NW Herald to be straight with us, it barely serves as lining for my ferret’s cage (I use three sheets). I got a call yesterday from my mother, another diehard Repub, telling me to look at
    I recommend everyone take an objective look. Think about it. Then vote for Mahon, if only to clean up Nygren’s droppings.

  3. Colorful rhetoric, ridgerunner, but true: the NW Herald is a waste of time and money, we need some honest reportage out here, Nygren is a disgrace and a dissembler, and his days may be numbered. If people vote. Its a shame Mahon can’t host a Republican fund-raiser, a lot of us would be there. But then, I haven’t heard Mahon take any ‘Democrat’ position on anything. I think Gus missed the boat. He should have run as a Democrat against Mahon (I wonder why he didn’t??) then we’d know how strong a candidate Gus would be – or Mahon, for that matter. Reporters are apparently mostly co-opted by their publishers, and have to take a company line to survive. I think that rather than calling them journalists, we should think of them as propagandists. They appear to be agenda-driven rather than objective. Bottom line is that 1) Mahon’s chances look better daily, and 2) Mike Mahon is young, strong, and will know exactly how to push the broom behind the elephant who is leaving the parade…

  4. By the way, I did visit http://gusdropoutnow.blogspot.com/ and find it interesting. Reasonable, thinking folks are coming to life. I understand Gus was supposed to have a fund raiser, but he was distracted by a vehicle coasting thru a right hand turn at a stop sign and forgot to schedule it. Sorry, thats mean-spirited. I like Gus. Its just that he is the totally wrong guy for this job. Our sheriff needs to have some 21st century law enforcement experience, lots of creative energy, massive integrity (integrity, you all recall what that is), a decent personality, approachability, be publicly, not personally-oriented, gee, I guess I’m describing Mike Mahon. All right, I’m outed. This life-long independent conservative is going for Mahon and praying the guy is every bit as genuine as he seems. We’ll contribute.

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