Sheriff’s Race Enters the Door-to-Door Phase

In the photo seem above, you can see a light-colored piece of tag board being held by the woman on the left.

It is a door hanger for the Mike Mahon for McHenry County Sheriff campaign.

Here’s what the new campaign piece looks like.

Side one says,


He has…:

  • One pension already: $600,000+ since 1987
  • A SECOND pension anytime he wants
  • Two beautiful retirement homes

Next comes a photo of a log home in Minocqua, Wisconsin, and another in Cape Coral, Florida.

A habit of spending a good deal of time at both.


Retire Keith Nygren!

The other side is a pitch for Mahon, “The New Sheriff for McHenry County.”


Mike Mahon thinks elected officials
should serve the people…not themselves.

Mahon pledges:

  • not to accept campaign contributions from Sheriff’s employees
  • not to accept campaign contributions from firms doing business with the Sheriff’s Office or the County
  • to put in a full day each and every workday and be available 24 hours a day
  • to accept a salary freeze for two years from the date he assumes office

Mike Mahon has lived in McHenry County for 14 years. His children were born here and this is his home. As Sheriff, he will use his 23 years of law enforcement experience to raise the level of performance of our Sheriff’s Office and make it one that works for all of us, not just for the few.

“I believe public service is an honor
and that government employees work for
the communities they serve, NOT for
their own benefit,” Mike Mahon says.

We Will Do Better!


Sheriff’s Race Enters the Door-to-Door Phase — 7 Comments

  1. I have generally always voted Republican – not holding my nose on this one.
    Mahon is qualified and we need to clean out that house. If your grip is that he is a Dem., remember that Nygren ran for office as a Dem 3 times and lost. The only reason he CALLS himself a Rep is because he could not win with the D behind his name. It is Nygren that brought Chicago style politics with him to this county.

  2. They put the pictures of his castles on the flyers. Brilliant! I noticed his official residence is missing. Maybe because its not as pleasing to the eye as the other homes. I know if I had three houses I would live in the smallest one in the worst location all year long and dream about the next time I would visit paradise.

  3. Also missing – a view of the lake in Wisconsin and his boats and the beautiful pool at the Florida home. Some of us know people who live in these areas.

  4. I love the hypocrisy shown by this Democrat Candidate for Sheriff.

    Out of the 24 disclosed contributions to the Mahon Campaign, only 3 are from people that are from McHenry County, and one of those is trying to get his job back with the County (Schlenkert, Robert).

    3 of the contributions totaling $20,000 come from the CEO of a company that provides tactical training for Law Enforcement Officers.

    Then you have the issue of Mike Mahon donating over $5000.- to the former Sheriff of Cook County, (his boss)???????

    Just food for thought………………

  5. If Mike Mahon has such a great career with Cook County, Why dont he run for Cook County Sheriff?

  6. Come November the voters will vote in a new Sheriff Mike Mahon! We could use someone that wants to do the job not one thats never here. We need somone that doesn’t use the Department’s hard work to boost his career. His officers do a great job without him. Repect them and give them a boss that will respect them not abuse his powers. On ever piece of equipment for the Sheriffs department you see his name, Why? He doesn’t own the equipment, we do! Our tax dollars paid for it. Remember One Zero Charlie incident at Galt Airport. How would you like for that to happen to you. He was going to have his deputies shut down Greenwood road so no one could get to the Festival and the airport would lose money.

  7. So let me get this straight. You are passing out door hangers that state Sheriff Nygren has 1 pension and will receive a second when he retires. You also state how he spends HIS money. If elected to the position of McHenry County Sheriff, you Mike Mahon would also will be receiving one pension from Cook County and have another on the way, Is that correct? And maybe if you want a nice vacation home somewhere you should go buy one.

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