ICE Detainee Search System Unrolled

People will now be able to search for people incarcerated on at least one floor of the McHenry County Jail.

Day room at the McHenry County Jail. Those incarcerated are in their cells because it is afternoon shift change.

It won’t be people arrested for most crimes, however.

If a friend or acquaintance gets arrested, you’ll still have to call the jail and ask a deputy. Unlike other counties and the Illinois Department of Corrections, you can’t find them on the internet for the McHenry County Jail.

But, if you are looking for someone taken into custody and on the Immigration and Customs Enforcement floor of the McHenry County Jail, federal authorities have just rolled out a search engine.

You can find it here.

Homeland Security calls it “a concrete example of ICE’s commitment to detention reform.”

Of course, you need to know the person’s name and country of origin.

Or the person’s ICE number and country of origin.

You can’t fall up a particular detention facility like the McHenry County Jail and find a list of those held captive. I can think of uses for such information.

But, what the immigration enforcement folks have created will be helpful to those trying to find friends and relatives.


ICE Detainee Search System Unrolled — 1 Comment

  1. ……Homeland Security calls it “a concrete example of ICE’s commitment to detention reform.”

    Dont make me laugh!……. ICE, Homeland Security and onyone connected with it should be ashamed – its the closest thing to the GESTAPO- they have no repeat NO committment to immigration reform- check out the number of deaths in detention, investigate the withholding of medical services, investigate the raping of the consititution by an organization that is so big it is out of control, it has unlimited powers of arrest -and is unanswerable to anyone just by uttering the words “Homeland Security” Talk to the church groups that basically had to fight to get in and minister to detainees “not facing any criminal charges” yet mandatorally detained.

    The only acceptable immigration reform is the dismantling of this organizational abuse of power with a comic book name. They fly their agents all over the world at taxpayer expense to escort deportees (without any history of violence) and flash their diplomatic passports which in many parts of the word elicits sniggering at how stupidly self impressed they are. Check out how much the taxpayer pays to support this abomination….you don’t have to look far -its a business! AND a handy political tool for showing everyone what a “good guy” you are by pointing the finger at minority groupings for the ills of the world —wait hasnt that been done before ??????…….seems awfully familiar!

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