Bianchi Not Using Campaign Money for Legal Defense

McHnery County State's Attorney Lou Bianchi talks to two men at last year's Festa Italiana.

Don’t know why I didn’t think to look at McHenry County Lou Bianchi’s campaign disclosure forms before.

Probably because he is not up for re-election.

I guess the special prosecutor’s executing a search warrant in Bianchi’s office late Friday afternoon spurred me to take a look at his D-2’s this morning.

No money was raised in the first half of this year.

Of the $45,800 in the bank on January 1st, $6,800 was spent.

Having written the first article that revealed that Governor Rod Blagojevich was paying his attorneys with campaign funds, I wanted to see if Bianchi was, too.

He didn’t.

Here’s what Bianchi bought from January through June:

  • $823 – The Media Center, Crystal Lake (stationery)
  • $575 – Committee To Elect Ken Koehler Committee To Elect Ken Koehler
  • $500 – Committee to Elect Michael W. Tryon
  • $500 – Boulder Ridge Country Club, Lake in the Hills (fundraiser)
  • $460 – Postmaster
  • $345 – Spangler Fulfillment Center, Bryon, OH (parade supplies)
  • $328 – Locker’s Flowers, McHenry (flowers)
  • $262 – Turning Point (fundraiser)
  • $226 – (equipment)
  • $200 – Subway, Crystal Lake (Gift cards)
  • $170 – Marion Central Catholic High School (fundraiser)
  • $160 – Hands of Hope. Barrington (fundraiser)

The August 19th invitation to McHenry County Lou Bianchi's Boulder Ridge Country Club.

Bianchi is holding a $75 fundraiser at Boulder Ridge on Thursday, the 19th. I wonder if the Italian food will be as good as it was last summer at Turnberry Country Club.

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