Untested DNA Samples from Sex Crimes Inventoried

McHenry County Jail

When I read that Governor Pat Quinn had signed legislation requiring DNA evidence gathered from reported sex crimes that have not been tested to be tested, I asked the McHenry County Sheriff’s Office how many were in its custody.

Here’s the reply I received:

“…we have DNA evidence from 10 cases that were not sent to the lab for testing.  These cases date back to 2007.

“6 of these cases are where the victims chose not to continue the investigation or did not wish to prosecute.

“2 cases were cleared by arrest after the confessions of the arrestees.

“1 case was determined to be unfounded after the collection of the evidence.

“1 case was a death investigation where evidence was gathered as a precaution.  It was later determined that the death was from natural causes.”

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