Modified A-LAW Conflict of Interest Suggestion Moves to Ordinance Stage

Mnagement Services Committee Chairman Ersel Schuster

The Management Services Committee met Tuesday and reached consensus to ask the State’s Attorney’s Office to prepare an ordinance to implement what is left of the Alliance for Land, Agriculture and Water’s conflict of interest idea.

The committee, chaired by Ersel Schuster, reminded me of a legislative committee in Springfield.

They fine tuned an addendum to what politicians call the “None, None, None” form.

It’s official name is the “Statement of Economic Interests.”

People having to file the state-required form now would have to file the new form, too.

“I certainly hope they don’t take the position that it only includes the past year,” A-LAW’s Emily Berendt told McHenry County Blog.

“Our form now requires a simple blanket disclosure, which has to be updated within thirty days, if there is a change in condition. In the case of real estate, a new filing would be triggered by the buying or selling of real estate.”

The form asks for real estate owned in the county other than one’s primary residence.

It also asks if the person filing the form or their immediate families “own an interest in any business or professional entity doing business with the County “or any other public/local government agency with McHenry County.” If so, identification is asked.

Debts other than one’s home mortgage or business loan to any entity that does business with the county are to be listed. The committee set the amount at over $1,200, saying it mirrored the state requirement.

Forgiveness of debt above $1,200 during the last year from any entity doing business with the county would also be required. Excluded are student loans, installment loans (cars, household effects, etc.), medical and dental debts, credit card purchases, supporr or alimony, debts owed to a spouse or close relative and debts incurred in the maintenance of one’s household.

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