Message of the Day – Car Window Painting

This stick figure has been having a good time.

I filled up my tank at a Woodstock gas station on Route 47 Sunday and saw a car with what you see above. It looks like a stick figure with a drink in its hand.

I asked the young woman inside if she knew what it meant.

"Shenanigans" is the word written on the back window of the same car.

The stick figure and the word “Shenanigans” on the back window.

She said she found it on her car after a Saturday night part in Harvard.

I asked her what “Shenanigans” meant.

She said it was getting into something, sometimes with the police.

There was a pinata at the party and, obviously, some liquid refreshment.

Later, I asked my 20-year old niece what a “Shenanigans” was.

Her answer was in the same direction. She used the word “hooligan.”

OK, so it seems it’s something that is on the edge of illegal or slightly over the line.

Can any reader add to my definition.

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