Planning to Go in Danger’s Way

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is now featuring problems on the Mexican border.

The Northwest Herald continued its love affair (“Nygren re-election propaganda” is the way one article commenter describes NW Herald coverage) with McHenry County Sheriff Keith Nygren Monday by featuring his regeneration of the sister cities program with Mexico’s Zacatecas.

Keith Nygren

That’s just as the FBI is featuring

“Corruption, Drugs, Gangs, and More”

The NW Herald article says exchange trips have been canceled for the last two years because of “potential violence.”

It also quotes businessman Jose Rivera.

Wasn’t there a recent NW Herald article about him that was not referenced in the Nygren piece?

Not mentioned in the article is how Nygren has joined the Secure Communities program of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement program.  Under it he agrees to detain illegals who are criminals.

Since this is a reversal of previous policy, I’d think the two local Heralds might consider it news.

And I wonder why this State Department “Travel Warning” didn’t make the story.

CNN story about State Department Travel Warning concerning Mexico.

Just noticed that Dave Bachmann, who has considerably more experience in Mexico than Sheriff Nygren, strongly advises parents not to allow any children who are band members to accompany Nygren on his Sister Cities trip.

One final thought.

Remember the movie, “Wag, the Dog”?

It was about a president who started a foreign war to improve his popularity.


Planning to Go in Danger’s Way — 4 Comments

  1. It is being reported out of Phoenix that Sheriff Joe Arpiao has a million dollar bounty on his head. The Juarez cartel wants him dead.

    Several weeks ago in the Yucatan, Cancun area, over a dozen bodies were found decapitated and their hearts cut out as a warning.

    I was in Zacatecas for a month. I was told of a kidnapping story that occurred right before I arrived. The Zeta gang kidnapped a wealthy victim. The victim escaped and was picked up by the local police.

    The Zeta gang members called the police and told them to give the victim back or they would come to the station and kill as many poolice as they could.

    The cops I was talking with said they refused to go to work that day.

  2. Of course there is that troublesome fact that the Sheriff actually said it was not safe to go there yet as opposed to what the Sheriffs department critics are falsely implying he said.

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