Echo Article about Sheriff’s Mexican Exchange Program Appears

This article was on the upper right hand corner of Sunday's Northwest Herald.

The Daily Herald was stiffed by Sheriff Keith Nygren when he revealed his intention to re-start his Mexican Sister City program exclusively in the Northwest Herald on Sunday.

Comments under the article were not what a neutral observer would consider favorable.

Not with the chaos caused by the Mexican drug gangs, which is forcing honest businessmen and their families to flee the county seeking political asylum.

Now Daily Herald courthouse reporter Chuck Keeshan has written an article combining the incumbent’s announcement and his Democratic and Green Party opponents’ reactions. Democrat Mike Mahon, you may remember, sent out a press release giving Keeshan the hook he needed.

As you might imagine, it is more balanced than the Northwest Herald’s main story on Sunday.

And, it starts with the obvious problem with going to Mexico, the one that cause the suspension of the program two years ago:

“As drug-related violence soared to unprecedented levels…”

Of course, the violence is much, much worse now.

The comments under the Daily Herald article are comparable to those in the NW Herald. One bitingly suggests Sheriff Nygren take his officers to Elgin.

The article notes that taxpayers have not paid for transportation and expenses for deputies who have gone to Zacatecas for up to 30 days.

Mahon pointed out that taxpayers do pick up the tab for salaries.

And, stating the obvious, Mahon says,

“I believe there is a political angle. He’s going after the Mexican vote on this.”

Nygren’s response:

“Absolutely not. It has nothing to do with currying favor with anyone.”

Travel advisory story run July 23, 2010, the week before McHenry County Sheriff Keith Nygren talked to the Northwest Herald.

Green Party candidate Gus Philpott had this reaction:

“This is the wrong time to re-kindle this program.

“There is little to be learned in Mexico about its culture that cannot be learned right here in McHenry County.

“Effective, efficient training can be conducted right here in McHenry County. Deputies and corrections officers should learn Spanish, as should many civilians. Being mono-lingual in the U.S. is insanity personified. All drivers in the U.S. need to learn and obey U.S. driving laws.

“Nygren is a cop; he should not be dealing with the governor of a state of a foreign country.”

Previously I have written of this.

In neither the Northwest nor the Daily Herald article is any mention that Nygren has joined the Homeland Security Department’s Secure Communities program.  He joined in April.  In the first three months, the Sheriff’s Department detained 116 illegal aliens who fit the Secure Communities’ profile “to identify and remove criminal aliens from the United States.”


Echo Article about Sheriff’s Mexican Exchange Program Appears — 1 Comment

  1. Wow, that a pretty hard hitting charge by Mahon. It appears he wants the Sheriff to change his stance semantically from “will not consider restarting” to “canceled”.

    Talk about beating a dead horse.

    The Sheriff has been clear that it is not safe there and that he won’t consider restarting sending anyone there until it is.

    All the Sheriff has done so far is invite the Governor Elect of that Mexican state to visit here for a goodwill cultural exchange. How nefarious. Should have been a minor blip on the radar if anything, but I guess when it comes to the politics of personal destruction and personal attacks you can’t always account for desperation.

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