McHenry County Blog Photo Used to Intimidate Mike Mahon Supporters

Here's my photo on Mike Mahon's Huntley fund raiser that was posted in the Sheriff's Office.

Imagine my surprise when I received a Xeroxed copy of a photo I posted in my article on Mike Mahon’s fund raiser.

Where did it show up?

According to a memo

“For members of the Correctional Officer Unit 2 Labor Council,”

what you see above was “hanging in the mailbox area.”

A McHenry County Jail control center.

“Then we were informed that the color copy of the photo with the caption was up in the roll call for afternoon shift roll call that day, 07/27/10. It was stated to us that several officers pointed and made comments about the photo but it was not taken down until after roll call. Then, we were told it was back up again…

“The fact that this photo was allowed to hang in the afternoon roll call leads one to presume that this was a tactic of harassment and intimidation aimed at not only the three of us but at all off but at all officers in the Correctional Division of McHenry County Sheriff’s Dept.”

You don’t have to be a outstanding reader between the lines to tell the writer of the memo is an unhappy camper.

And, who would blame him?

He’s in a civil service job.

McHenry County is (or at least was) covered by a Shakman decree. Frankly, if actions like this happen repeatedly, I’m surprised that no one from the Sheriff’s Department has not contacted Chicago Attorney Michael Shakman.

In the interest in full disclosure, Shakman has done legal work for me.

Here’s the original photo:


McHenry County Blog Photo Used to Intimidate Mike Mahon Supporters — 41 Comments

  1. I’m proud of you guys for having the courage to go to the fundraiser and for speaking out when they tried to intimidate you.

    It won’t be like this for long.

    Be patient.

  2. What is going on at that place? Where were the supervisors? Does Nygren know this kind of behavior is going on?

  3. How sad that good people have to work under tyrannical conditions. We, the voters put them in this position. We need a NEW SHERIFF. We owe those that serve and protect us better than this. Mike Mahon is the answer.

  4. John,
    Nygren is the creator. “His people” were trained by him in these methods. This is the tip of the iceberg.

  5. Really? Ummmm…. The picture was out in the public already for all to see it wasn’t exactly a secret. This blogger posted it online. Yet looking at the picture or article at at the Sheriffs dept is in itself harassment? That is some very serious thin skin. I have to be missing something, was someone actually harassed or was a picture from this blog simply shared with those who had not see it here?

  6. Here is my simple question. Mike Mahon… (Chirp… Chirp….) Don’t you want to at least thank those who were the target of this ploy for standing up and supporting you.

    You know Mahon, I’m finding you to be a real “Coward!” You’re MIA when it comes time to stand up for anything of value. All I’ve seen of you are your “Johnny Come Lately” lame “Press Releases.”

    Mike, Mike, come out wherever your are and at least comment on behalf of those who stood beside you.

    Although I find what happened here to be disturbing, I wouldn’t want a “Coward” as Sheriff either.

    My positions had been made very clear over the past year. But, I’d rather go up against a ‘fighter’ than a “Pu**y!”

    Mahon also sent people to visit me to tell me Nygren has a contract out on my life and wants me “Snuffed Out!” Yet Mahon wouldn’t come do it himself. He sent others to do it and he sent them to the home of one of my friends to tell them the same Bullshit.

    Im going to ask Sheriff Nygren to take a stand against intimidation within his workplace because I believe he is capable of doing a better job and I believe he may well be trying hard to do so.

    Mahon, your “Chicken” and come November, you are going to be handed a massive crushing.

    Shame on you for not stepping up right here, right now. Sheriff Nygren, keep working to better yourself and your department. I think your on the right track!

    Mahon, you have completely lost any respect I tried to show you. It appears I must now ready my new BLOG…. “MikeNJack vs Sheriff Keith”

    And to you other Cowards, the entire Democratic Party of McHenry County… go climb back under your cowardly rocks!

    Thank you!

  7. Holy smokes! Did I just read?:

    “Mahon also sent people to visit me to tell me Nygren has a contract out on my life and wants me “Snuffed Out!” Yet Mahon wouldn’t come do it himself. He sent others to do it and he sent them to the home of one of my friends to tell them the same Bullshit.”

    I’m truly shocked. Is it true the Democratic candidate for Sheriff is accusing the Sheriff of hiring assassins? That is truly frightening. I don’t always agree with David Bachmann but no one can accuse him of being a coward. I respect his fighting spirit. However, if this is true he should really watch his back from Mahon becoming unhinged more than he could ever have to worry about a retaliation from Nygren.

    Many of us spar with words in the political spectrum. Heck in some cases I have more respect for those I spar with then some I agree with on policy. However this is a very serious statement that Mahon needs to comment on.

  8. Well I’m not qualified about “assassin” talk, which is off topic anyways, but I’m guessing from what I read from the blog post that someone felt harassed about the picture being hung up in a roll call. It was eventually taken down and put up again?!!? It also sounds like it was placed in another spot (mailbox area). Man, you would think this wouldn’t happen with the police but I’m naive I guess.

    What is the Shackman decree?

  9. Dave its hard to believe what you are saying since you are the biggest lier in the county. Lets see you were a Republican running for Coroner on the Democratic Ballot. If you are going to attack someone make sure you are truthful about what you are saying. With things that you have said about people in the past, Maybe you should think about what you say first.

  10. Read the portion to the left of the picture of the jail control center. That was from someone in the SO. They felt intimidated. This is not the first time this kind of crap went on. How about the squads parked around the place Zane had his fund raiser to see who went in.
    The picture was put up to say “We see you in the picture and know you were there.” There is a price to pay in that office if you do not “go along to get along”.

  11. Deputies and Corrections officers. Now is the time, hit it hard and expose these people. The momentum is with you.

  12. So let’s recap the talking points here from the anti sheriffs department crowd.

    The candidate they support being accused by an individual of accusing the Sheriff of hiring assassins and hitmen is a non story that should be ignored. After all assassins and hitmen are hardly intimidation.

    But on the other hand viewing of a noncontroversial picture that has already been publicly distributed on this blog is a major threat worthy of an investigation. You guys crack me up!

  13. (Very Curious) not that hitmen and assassins are not a serious topic but what the this blog topic is about is harassment of employees of the sheriff. Now if tomorrow a topic about hitmen for hire and a connections to certain individuals is posted I would gladly yak about that. That would be just too juicy! Let’s not deflect on what the original post is about. Please stay on topic!

    But what what the truth is, someone at the sheriff felt harassed and intimidated at work. Harassment being what that individual felt. I’m not sure why anyone would care about a fund raiser picture but sure enough they did. Enough to hang multiple pictures in different spots, which I find odd. Why did they do that? Why didnt they just look at the picture on this blog and move on? Why did they feel the need to print it out and bring it into a work place. Yuk!

    Also I don’t think it’s proper to say anyone here is “anti sheriffs department”. They may be anti Nygren but remember he does not make the sheriffs dept. He works for all of us(the people) and the sheriffs department needs to be a reflection of this county. I would assume that if Nygren knew about pictures of political fund raiser’s were being posted in multiple spot of the department that he would not find that acceptable. I’m not sure but would hope that he wouldn’t.

  14. Michael Shakman ran for delegate to the 1970 Constitutional Convention and lost. He files suit because he thought and apparently proved patronage workers were the reason for his loss.

    The result was a wide-ranging anti-patronage decision from the U.S. Supreme Court that required remediation. You read about it periodically as Mayor Daley tries to get rid of Federal court supervision of his hiring.

    That the Shakman decree did not succeed is evidenced in the conviction of Robert Sorich, Daley’s patronage chief, who is soon to be released from prison.

    The Hired Truck scandal is further evidence that politics still is involved in the hiring and promotion of Chicago employees.

    Similar agreements were made with collar county Republican officials, including McHenry County’s.

    I do not know if they are still in effect.

  15. Sorry I still want my Law Enforcement personnel to have thicker skin than the presumption of harassment from this picture being seen in a forum other than this blog where it was originally pictured.

    That seems like extremely thin skin bordering on paranoia. I mean aren’t these individuals as angry that this blog posted the exact picture for the whole world to see first? Seems awfully convenient they are only upset when the identical picture may have been shared by someone they want to politically attack.

    It is the same kind of politically convenient complete lack of priority that would have someone say to not talk about the shocking revelation that a candidate appears to be starting a whisper campaign that another is hiring assassins because it is off topic.

  16. Hey Jeff.. how about using your last name? Another Democrat ‘Pu@@Y?’

    Biggest liar in the county???? Out of 350,000 people, this is your written statement?

    I DO NOT believe Sheriff Nygren is out to have me “Snuffed Out.” THOSE are the EXACT words I was told…. or did I just pull that out of A** as well..

    I no longer will address those who comment under “Cowardly” false names.

    If Sheriff Nygren would like to sit with me I am happy to give names and dates of such meetings…I will not comment further on this issue unless the Sheriff contacts me directly.

    Cal Skinner if he cares to, can back me on this one. I ask, Cal Skinner, am I lying about this as “Jeff” states? Cal KNOWS the answer!

    Why didn’t Mahon come tell me himself. Why didn’t Mike Mahon tell Cal Skinner himself?

    I hope you keep attacking ME “Jeff” the Democrat…. You’re obviously to stupid to figure out that by wasting your time on me, your wasting valuable time on your campaign… Yea, Im the fool here…. LOL LOL

  17. Let’s face it if Mahon does have credible information that assasins and hitmen are being hired then not only should he be shouting if from the rooftops but that really should be all of our first priority to reveal for public safety reasons. I mean it’s kind of like someone saying well I did not tell law enforcement about a planned murder because the topic of the day was mowing my lawn. Sorry folks but this one needs to be answered as an ultimate priority.

  18. Dave,
    I’m sorry. I’ve followed all you have had to say with interest but it is getting harder and harder to understand you. One month you are telling us Sheriff Nygren is the Anti-Christ and that he is linked to all kinds of illegal activity and will surely be indicted and now you are telling us that he is someone you will sit down with because in part “… I believe he is capable of doing a better job and I believe he may well be trying hard to do so.”
    Dave, how can you so dead against the Sheriff one minute and act like a supporter the next.
    I truly believe that you just want to be the center of attention.
    Please tell me it ain’t so….

  19. I agree. I will also state as truth, that a couple weeks ago, I sent a letter directly to Sheriff Nygren inviting him to meet with me. I have been out of town so I do not know if the Sheriff had tired to contact me. He knows where to find me… (most of the time) I do move about.

    I won’t go further into details as I believe this issue needs to be resolved.

    Cal Skinner is a “Direct Witness” to these events as I can reveal, and Im sorry Cal, but its the truth and I want answers…

    Please confirm the fact the Mike Mahons camp, and I wont give the name YET, came to your home and told you that Sheriff Keith Nygren stated he wanted me “Snuffed Out!”

    I am told the statement was made in October of 2009 shortly after I placed forth my blog.

    THEN, the same man who went to Cal Skinners home, drove to my home and I met with him in a public place so that security camera’s and people were in the area.

    To be EXACT “JEFF” the meeting took place at the Eagle Ridge Inn in Galena, Illinois. There I was told, Sheriff Keith Nygren stated he wanted me dead.

    Let me state for the record. I am NOT accusing the Sheriff of this. I am telling you what the Mike Mahon camp has spread.

    Be careful what you ask for “Jeff” You call me the “Biggest Liar” in McHenry County. You asked for it, now you’re going to get it.. “The Truth!”

    check out

    This is for Sheriff Nygren as an “Authenticator” What is Lime Green and Pink?

  20. Richard, let me ask you this. When you find ‘fault’ in a leader, do you keep bashing and bashing.. or, do you strongly state your points and objections, THEN, allow for the person you charge the benefit of ‘Curing’ the issues.

    I’ve been watching and it appears Sheriff Nygren is spending more time at the office. This was my main objection in the first place.

    Doing a poor job, and ordering a “Murder for Hire” plot are very different issues. I’d simply like an answer wouldn’t you.

    Perhaps you like it better, and perhaps your a person who likes to keep pounding on somebody without allowing them an opportunity to ‘change.’ But then again, some people truly believe they are without fault in life.

    “Center of Attention” Please Richard, I have better thing’s to do with my life. If you think by Posting a comment that can be backed up 100 percent is asking to be the center of attention on a little local blog, you don’t know what “Attention” truly is.

    I will “Ferret” this issue out you can bet on that. I think it’s brilliant to now see you Democrats coming after me…

    “Looks Like it’s Clean and Green” all the way to November for the Sheriff. You haven’t the balls to confront the Sheriff, but me, you think I’m a roll over?

    YOU SIR, are making me the center of attention… so, keep it up! I’m game. But, I do have to paint my picnic table now, so I won’t be back until later.

    Remember one thing about me…. I keep LOTS of documents! And, Im not running for anything, so do as you please with me. I am not a “Coward” AND, I always put my name to what I say….

    “Go ahead ‘PUNKS’ make my day!

  21. Dave, interesting response as always.
    You in your blog earlier in the year stated many, many times that the Sheriff was involved or had knowledge of many very serious illegal activities.
    Now you are asking that we forget all this and give him a chance because he’s at the office now and trying to improve.
    Dave, I want to believe you, I really do but your “flip-flop” makes me wonder. Did you dream all this up and now you had a different dream and Mahon is the Anti-Christ? I could care less about political affiliation but you launched a career assassination on Sheriff Nygren and act like it never happened. Please stand by your convictions! Did the Sheriff do what you said earlier or did you make it all up?

  22. Richard, what “Documents” that I produces along side my stories didn’t your lying eyes believe.

    Im not going to rehash a years worth of work.

    Whatever ‘anybody’ or agency does with the information, is out of my hands.

    Richard, do you recall around June 3rd, I posted a story about a “Fake” police prostitution ‘sting’ out of Manteno Illinois? As a header to that story, I made the statement, “Now put a local name and face to this story.”

    Richard, what happened in Crystal Lake just a week ago, almost 2 full months AFTER I posted that statement?

    How did I know about that???? I did happen didn’t it Richard.. Another ” you say???

    As far as “Assassination” of Character… well, if the Truth fits.. wear it.. If forgiveness is beyond you, I hope you find inner peace. I have no control over what may or may not happen to “ANYBODY” involved in things of which you have no idea about.

    You see Richard, its unfortunate that most people look at the “Front” of these blogs and think they see the “ENTIRE” picture…. Richard, there is a whole lot more going on that you can imagine that cannot be placed forth.

    As far as your comments about me.. I could care less.. I care about finding out the Truth about what has been reported to Mr. Cal Skinner, at his own home, and then again, to me, as stated above.

    Like the movie stated, “You want the truth, YOU cannot handle the truth.”

    You try living under a “Death Threat” Richard, see how your children like it!!!

    Oh, Im going to get to the bottom of this you can be assured!

    Mr. Mahon had a duty to go to the proper authorities IMMEDIATELY upon finding this information out… What did he do, he waited MONTHS, then went to Cal Skinners home and then to my area….

    Richard, had somebody told me YOUR LIFE was possible in danger, I would drive across country to your front door IMMEDIATELY to make you aware of the situation.

    Thus, I am suspect and will allow the Sheriff his opportunity to make things clear. I have the proof of what Mahon did…….This is not a Change of Support for any candidate.

    I put my name upon and stand upon my words. Again, just because you can’t see it, doesnt mean things aren’t happening.

    have a great weekend everybody!

  23. You have a great weekend too. I am not trying to attack you but understand where you are coming from.
    I understand your concern about the death threat. Why are you just concerned now? Why didn’t you demand the Mahon camp go to the authorities when you were made aware all that time ago?
    I have read all your blogs and admire your courage. But do you remember when you viciously and relentessly attacked the Sheriff and then right after the primary and before Christmas said you made peace…. for a few months…. then you started up again… then retired the blog because you found peace again…. then started up again recently…. Dave, do you see a pattern?
    Anyway, I don’t want to argue this any further, I wish you nothing but the best.

  24. Richard, I thank you. Yes, there was a pattern. A pattern that you and others could NOT see nor know about.

    Remember there were ‘two’ sides to the ‘argument.’ You had no way of seeing the emails I was getting from the Sheriffs supporters even AFTER I made peace.

    For Instance, a man, who shall remain nameless as I don’t want to go back over things, but lets just say he lives in Virginia right outside Washington,D.C.

    After I posted what I felt, was a nice little story about the “Indian” brothers, and then forgave the Sheriff, I was sent an email from this man who I KNOW is a friend of the Sheriff, it stated

    “You truly are “Fuckn Nuts!”

    So, as you have found by now, I am up to the challenge and on again I went.

    Richard, I was not going to ‘Air’ threats to my life out in public…. Trust me, I have been long concerned for MONTHS to a point where one of my children who heard my wife and I talking about it, will no longer sleep in her own bedroom alone. She has moved to the living room..

    Not to mention ‘other’ moves that have been made.

    I came out NOW in Public about this, because I felt terrible for those people who may have been subject to the issues in Cals article. Mahon didnt comment on behalf of these people.

    Mahon SEND SOMEBODY ELSE to tell Cal Skinner and MYSELF about this “Death Threat” situation… He didn’t even do it himself, he send his Campaign Manager (7) MONTHS AFTER the fact…..( although I had been receiving Death Treats via emails from “Police”….. and I wont reveal how I know this.. but I have them.

    Was threat was very specific, that I would “Die by Fire!”

    So, its not that all of a sudden I want to take a “Whack” at Mike Mahon…. Its the point that he seemingly waits until a “Political Opportunity” to put on the Cape!

    We need a Sheriff with a “Cape” 24/7………….

    Let me be further clear please. If I EVER heard anything regarding any safety issues that would affect Sheriff Nygren and or his family, I would also be first on his door step as well to tell him of what I knew.

    As I’ve stated, there is much going on that I cannot go into. The chips may fall where they will.

    Now, really, we need to move on and I will get to the crux of this situation. I have met it head on and sent a letter of request to meet with the Sheriff in person. Could it be that the Sheriff made a statement out of anger, sure, we all say things we don’t mean.

    But the detail with which I have seen via emails and from what I have been told, there is in fact reason for me to have concern.

    As far as my ‘Demanding” Mr. Mahon go to authorities… How can I make a man do anything? He is a law enforcement officer and in management in one of this nations largest police departments. You touch on the very point of my ‘rant’ Richard.

    WHY DIDN”T HE? I think you have wisely answered your own question as to what “Set me off!”

    Thanks again.

  25. Hey Dave
    I made one comment. That is the truth. I’m not attacking you. I don’t have time to play your games. Go back to Mexico, that is where you tend to run to when you get scared. If there was all this stuff why did you not go to someone to investigate it not local Police. Because of your actions you just want to create Anarchy. Go to the Feds not cry on Cals blog. You want to help! Go to Irag and help our forces they need a vacation from the War. If I had a dime for everytime someone said they were going to have me snuffed out I would be rich.

  26. Did Jeff just say “If I had a dime for everytime someone said they were going to have me snuffed out I would be rich.”?

    Really? You must lead an interesting life if people are constantly telling you that they are going to “have you snuffed out”.

    Wouldn’t it be interesting if all of law enforcement had that attitude over a death threat? Oh well, well who doesn’t get a few death threats during the course of a day?

  27. By the way Dave. People on here know who I am, because if you had been around!!! I have used my last name and I’m not afraid of facing anyone on the issues. You don’t distract me from my campaign, you just show how disperate your party is to keep me off County board. They are afraid of someone who believes in prosecuting those for wrong doing. I don’t go around calling people names Dave! Thats really grown up isn’t it. The truth hurts. Intimidation doesn’t work on me! Dave, it pisses me off and you give me more of a reason to go out and talk to people to keep you from hurting others with your redderick. There are more important issues than you, Dave the world doesn’t revolve around you.

  28. So Jeff…I’m curious, you clearly feel you are someone who believes in prosecuting those for wrong doing. Wouldn’t you agree that if an allegation is made that a law enforcement officer claims to have known about another law enforcement officer threatening to “snuff” someone out and then apparently did not tell anyone for months, that at very least there should be an investigation of the facts?

  29. Yes. I believe if you know something it is your responsibility to notify the proper authourities. But if you makes false claims you are liable.
    I have had threats to me also and no one has done anything about it. And I went to the State police on it because local police couldn’t help. If someone has proof, file a complaint with the Lisa Madigans office. Or Contact Bianchi’s office, I have called them on a number of occassions. Talk to them and have them investigate. See the thing about someone saying something is that you have to prove it and recording a converstion with them is nearly impossible unless you know they are going to say something. I still have someone coming to my house saying things. They are just trying to intimidate me and I refuse to let them effect my life. I do what I believe is right and if they don’t like it to bad they have to pay the price not me. I will defend myself if it comes down to it.

  30. AreYou Kidding’

    When you stop someone from doing something illegal. They get mad and thats when they make threats. When you don’t let someone intimidate others they come after you. There is alot of money going to those to cause problems so that the real issues are ignored. Because there are those who have alot to gain by these procedings. If you wanted something done in the county you protect the people in the position to help you get it done. And that is what is going on. They want there County people to keep their positions and by doing anything to accomplish this doesn’t matter to them. This includes saying things that aren’t true and calling names. If you have a complaint you don’t complain on a blog, you go to the people that can help you.

  31. Jeff you’re certainly entitled to your opinion…

    Here is what I can tell you about Jeff Thirtycare.

    I had the pleasure of meeting his children during the 2008 parade season. I walked in THE CL parade and the parade in Spring Grove. Jeff’s little girl who was about 10 years old, walked with my family and helped pass out candy.

    I cannot say that I have met a more wonderful child than Jeff’s little girl. Apples don’t fall to far from the tree. So Jeff, although you call me a “LIAR” (although you just stated: .” I don’t go around calling people names Dave!”) I am going to give you an A+ for being a great Dad.

    You are a true blue Democrat and you’re proud of it…. good for you, stand up and be counted…

    I’m sorry you too are getting death threats on a regular basis as you stated in your earlier post. Not fun for the kids is it?

    Good luck with your election Jeff………..Thanks for ‘play’n’ this round!

  32. Dave, Thank you for that intro.

    This is why, I’m running for County Board. because there are people in Office that do these things on a daily basis to keep real folks out of office. I am an American first and foremost and if you are being threatened than we need to get the people out of office that are doing this. I will not run from those that want to threaten me. I don’t care what party they are from if they are criminals they need to go to jail. I don’t align myself with those who wish to create havoc. I will not be voting for those that lie to me or my friends. I will be voting for those who wish to make good change in our community. I have to on a daily basis show my face to my children and tell them that these people will not harm them and if they do. I will deal with them. I have had an officer from the Sheriffs department tell me he doesn’t care about my neighbors because he doesn’t live here but I don’t hold that against the hole department. I hold him responsible for his actions. Most of the officers there are there to protect and serve. What the sheriff does he is responsible for. To me ACtions speak more than words. I will not be Voting for Jack Franks this fall because as a representive of the people its his duty to answer questions that we have. I have not recieved any answers about questions I have asked. and I will not chase someone down for those answers. I will not vote for State rep this year. Because its not repsonsible to vote for someone I don’t know anything about. As a PR its my responsibility to supply answers when people ask me and if I don’t have them, I ask for them. I have the right as a taxpayer to vote for who I believe will represent the best.

  33. Jeff, writing on blogs, just as we all know happens on Emails, the writers true meaning often times is lost.

    Let me be clear on my stand here on this particular story.

    I am asking Mike Mahon, who I do not know, and who I have absolutely nothing against (until somebody calls me out with untruths, then sure, Im game)

    This is how Dave Bachmann would have handled BOTH situations

    1) The Death Threat issue: I would have IMMEDIATELY called “Bachmann” and stated, “Bachmann” I need to see you NOW… WE NEED to go to the U.S. Attorneys office in Chicago IMMEDIATELY. There has been a “Credible” threat against your life made by an Elected official, a Sheriff no less!

    Jeff, Bianchi has no power in this arena…. as Im sure you have read his office statements, THEY ARE THE ATTORNEY FOR THE SHERIFF”S office.

    I cannot go further into what is going on. I thank Deputy Mahon for bringing it to my attention, BUT, if he has what he says he has, This was not a “I will tell you when I get the time” and I will not do it myself, I will send my Campaign Manager issue.

    So, I ask, what part of “Campaign” goes along with “Credible Knowledge” of a “Death Threat”…… As I stated in my prior “rant” I would have been on anybodies front door step, including Sheriff Nygren’s, had I known about any attempt on anybody’s life.

    2) I think Mike should have made a ‘Brief’ statement beneath this story to the effect that he is personally going to look into this issue and take it up with the proper authorities. “People”- “Supporters” need to know the person they are placing their trust in, will stand up for them in ANY forum.

    You are correct Jeff, this garbage of intimidation and things such as you so correctly mentioned, cannot go unchallenged. IE: MY “rants!”

    I am always amazed that even when Voluminous amounts of “TRUE DOCUMENTS” are placed forth along with a “Story” about same, “SOME” still try to color it differently. Kind of like, all those “INNOCENT” criminals in Jail…..Everybody else is wrong except the person who has committed the acts.

    They call you “insane” and “crazy……” That is called “Deflection” so, call me crazy, I will call myself insane. BUT, I KNOW what I know and nothing can change that.

    Here is what I teach my children about Politics. I sit in a bright red chair. I ask my kids, “What color is the chair I am sitting in?” Obvious to them, they answer “RED!” I then say, “No it’s not, its Green!” They say, “Dad, no it’s not, its Red.” This my friends, is “Politics!” (Can you believe it, I made that up all by myself… but it works.. people get it then!’ ) No matter how much “truth” you place forth, “PEOPLE” will believe what they “WANT” to believe rather than “ADMIT” to the truth.

    I am NOT a Republican Jeff. I “WAS” raised in a GOP house, I “WAS” a GOP and even used to watch FIXED NOISE…

    Now, like yourself, I look at the person first and foremost.

    My way might not be your way or anybody else’s, but I stand on what I say and do. The plain truth is, NOBODY in McHenry County knows me. As you can attest to, I stayed to myself during the 2008 election season. I don’t have “Manager” I don’t need others to ‘cover’ for me.

    Enough said. You’re a good man, and I am sorry I called you a nasty name. I took offense to your telling me ‘Im Scared” and I “Cry” or Tear up” whatever it was you stated. That is simply not true.

    You can rest assured, I will “Ferret” out the truth about the Death Threat issue. You can be assured, I knew right where to go. You talked about “Video” and or recordings???? No further comment!

    I also called you a “Hick” only because you wear a ball cap all the time.. and again, it was in “jest.” I can tell anybody reading this ‘rant’ that Jeff Thirtycare is anything but a “Hick.” Spend some time talking with the man, he is one example of the cloths don’t match the man. Jeff is up to date on local topics and he truly is a man of conviction regarding his beliefs on said topics that have effect on your county.

    I have studied much this past year…. Many of you may dislike me based on my writings…..many of you may even dislike the man i “USED” to be back when I was living in CL… but then again, are any of you the same person you were back in your twenties???

    I’m a guy you can hate if you like… but Im a guy who will not run away from you when you need backup!

    Now, I really have to let this end. Thank you.

  34. Here is who I will be voting for. if you would like to know.

    Scott Lee Cohen 4 Governor: I believe what was done to him was an injustice. He also wants to change things in our State. We deserve better government. we deserve a government that works for us not against us.

    I know Springfield can do better for us. We need people in office that will work to achieve this.

    It is not good for people to jump to conclusions like what happened to the lady at the department of Ag. A good friend of mine had it done to him. False claims need to be stopped. He was elected by the people!!!!!!

    For people to say what they did not knowing the whole story is wrong and I won’t support that. If you are going to replace him on the Ballot do it with one who ran not with someone who didn’t. That is wrong!!!!!

    Show me one politician in office that has done what they said they would do.

    Gov. Quinn said he would clean House what happened? Nothing.

    Who is responsible for our deficit, those in office.

    It is time for change. Hard decisions need to be made.

    Both parties are responsible for stealing from my retirement, has it been paid back. NO
    I pay 10.5% into it, what did they pay nothing. And then they take it and use it to fund private things they want, not what I want.

    We have no one to clean up IDOT and the head is arrested for peeping in windows and is still Bureau Chief, that is wrong on so many levels.

    We have a guy who was caught working at another job while on State Time and Still has his job.

    Who do I blame for this?

    State Rep. Jack Franks, Senator Althoff, Senator Link, State Rep Mike Tryon, and Gov Quinn.

    All the politicians in office.

    They know about this and do nothing. It was in the Northwest Herald and only got little response at best.

    Judge Wiggens. I know where she stands on the issues.

    MIke Mahon: I want a Sheriff that lives here not says he does and spends his time in Florida and Wisconsin. Mike lives here. Fundraisers are heald in Wisconsin for Sheriff. Whats that about. Or Galena. who lives there?

    Congresswoman Melissa Bean:

    She may live near Barrington but I campaigned with her and she knows what we are going through here.

    Mr Walsh lived somewhere else and just moved here because the Republican party wanted him to run against her.

    I think Cal should run for office here. We need residents in office that know what we are going through not those who want power. I would vote for him. We need to weed out corruption everywhere to the best of our Ability.

    I also will be looking at other candidates so I will be informed on who is running and what they stand for.

  35. Jeff, I know the Sheriff has some very close friends who have a home in galena…. Sheriff Nygren’s D-2 Campaign forms in fact show purchases of wine from a Galena store. (nothing wrong with that, just stating a fact)

    As Im sure you know, I too have a home in Galena…. but its not me holding any fundraisers I can assure you! ( if that is the reason for the ???)

    Jack Franks you are spot on about Jeff! That is all I will say.

  36. Apparently Dave. You don’t like my picks for Nov. If you can only care about you and Jack can care only for Jack. Somebody has to look out for the others.

    Birds of a flock. So when will Jack be changing his colors?

    See people do fund raisers around where they are to let the people know where they stand.

    Exactly Dave

  37. Dave

    The thing is that one person can’t stop these people. The voters can if we stick together.

    If everyone does their own thing than nothing changes. But the thing is I haven’t found one person that speaks the truth. All I get from them is well we have to wait and see. Or no responce at all.

    I asked Jack several questions in e-mail and to this day haven’t recieved any answer.

    People do things in secret and expect the rest of us to just shut up and go away. You want our money and for us to just not care.

    You can say what you want about me.

    You are not the first person to make fun of me and you won’t be the last. I have been called all kinds of names since school it just shows what the other person is like. I don’t need to call names because I know who I am.

    The thing about me is you don’t know me and what you said about Jack saying about me, he doesn’t know me either. He’s never spent the time to get to know me and he probably won’t either.

    Have fun it just shows you don’t know who I am.

    See, I grew up on the Race Track. My father was an owner and Trainer, so I take being called a hick a complement. He died 3 monthes ago at 85 and he taught me to be who I am. My family was Farmers and my faimly farm is in Mercer County IL.

    I’m not ashamed of who I am. I represent the working class.
    I don’t take expensive trips. I don’t sit and drink martinis.

    I fill potholes and do manuel labor.

    The only people I have to get approval from are my family they count the most.

    Its your loss that you didn’t bother to talk to me. I’m not an elite as you might be. You can afford expensive trips to foriegn countries. Good luck with the friends you think you have. I’ve seen what they can do. I guess you think, I just started getting involved with the issues. But I have watched and learned from those I met at meetings and events.

    Sorry for your situation. Good luck!

  38. Jeff, Im not sure what you are talking about? I said I was sorry then went on to tell people about your qualities.

    I was agreeing with you 100 percent about NOT VOTING FOR JACK FRANKS. He did nothing for me, and I found him to be a “Do Nothing” politician. Re”Prescription Drug” program..

    I am not an elite person… Ive been down and flat bust in my life due to illness and injuries. I don’t belong to any Country Clubs, I keep to myself Jeff. I don’t “hang’ with anybody.

    Talk about a ‘flawed’ man who woke up and saw he needed to find Jesus. Heck, Im the poster child for ‘flawed.’ But, I work on it… and as you have seen, I do stand up for what I believe in, thus I have a “Death Threat” hanging over me.

    Not to rehash, but Jeff, I didn’t write anything about you UNTIL after you wrote that I am the “Biggest Liar” in McHenry County. That I “run to mexico’ crying….and that I am a Republican who ran as a Democrat?

    I’m amazed at how although what I place forth is in black and white, ‘STILL’ Im blamed? Jeff, I didn’t write an article about you.

    Jeff, if you could be so kind, Could you please find out the date of Nygren’s Fundraiser that you stated was held in Galena, Illinois. The date is important to me for a reason.

    You can forward it to Cal Skinner if you have the time. I’d appreciate it. Like I said, let’s move forward.

    Thanks very much

  39. Dave write the Northwest Herald they covered the story. It’s in their archives. I can’t get it without paying for it.

    Jack Franks you are spot on about Jeff! That is all I will say.

    These comments are what I mean Dave. Not sure what you meant by this.

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